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Thread: HELP!! Who is this Anime Character???

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    Re: HELP!! Who is this Anime Character???

    i looked it up and this is the info i found on it

    No, this isn't the Disney version. That hardly falls in the scope of an anime site, right?

    This movie is really, really old. I mean, like, 1979 old. That puts The Little Mermaid as a contender for AA's oldest reviewed anime... probably second only to Lupin the 3rd. Except Lupin is still in reruns and was very recently redubbed, so it only kind of half-counts.

    But ah, I'm also quite familiar with Hans Christian Andersen's original tale. I'm a big fan of those old gruesome fairy tales, and Andersen's are about as gory and violent as they get. Disney went through and mopped up the ending and surgically removed the religious undertones, so the original is a much different flavor. Even if it had never been animated Andersen's story would be one of my all-time favorites.

    So, it comes as no surprise that I've known of the existence of an anime version for quite some time. It wasn't until I started AA, however, that I thought of acquiring it... and it wasn't until recently that I actually did. Thus the question is twofold: how does The Little Mermaid stack up to Andersen's original short story? And how does it measure alongside the gorgeous and nostalgia-heavy story of Ariel?

    The first thing you have to understand about fairy tales is that there are really only a few characters. The charming but naive princess is always the same. The downtrodden but beautiful little sister is always identical. The evil wicked queen (usually a stepmother) is always as evil and wicked as the last. The handsome and courageous prince is always picture-perfect and never anything less than absolutely heroic.

    And that's the problem here.

    Our heroine is Marina, the youngest of a whole gaggle of mermaid princesses who act exactly like every other fairy tale princess in the history of fairy tales. And we have the prince, who is charming and daring and blemishless. And we have Marina's father, the doting old king... and her grandmother the wise old crone... and the sea-witch, a villainous evil wicked magic-using devil... and so on and so forth until all the personality traits have been doled out and the word "cliche" doesn't cut it. The Little Mermaid makes very little effort to add any depth to any of these characters. Marina is lovesick and beautiful... and that's about it. This is fine for a storybook but it doesn't exactly make for an interesting lead role It's kind of like an antique blow-up-doll.
    in a movie.

    Even so, this isn't as enormous a problem as the low score would indicate. Having a cast of cookie-cutter characters to dance along your cookie-cutter plot is usually fine when you're retelling a story that's over a hundred years old as this one is. But The Little Mermaid doesn't stop there... no, it goes so far as to go ahead and add in several new and unnecessary characters to make the story more "cartoonish". In any other cartoon they'd be right at home, but in this solemn and archaic tale they stick out like a bleeding stubbed toe.

    The biggest offenders are Marina's talking dolphin sidekick Fritz and the diabolical cat (who I'm assuming is an alter-ego of the sea-witch, although this is never specified) Jemmy. While the rest of the cast is slowly poking along in their pre-fit roles, Fritz and Jemmy are scampering about cracking jokes, hissing, making faces... and generally doing the things you'd expect animal sidekicks to do. It's obvious the guys behind The Little Mermaid had it in them to flesh out these characters, but why not go that extra step and make the main cast more interesting too? Fritz and Jemmy make the shortcomings of the main character stand out all the more, so I bumped the score down to three. Then, because Fritz and Jemmy themselves are obnoxious wastes of space I went ahead and chopped it down to two. It would have gone all the way down to one, but one of Marina's sisters has a green afro and that made me giggle.

    I mentioned before that Andersen's original story is one of my favorites and I meant it. I don't fault Disney for watering down the story as much as they did (in my opinion what they added to the movie more than makes up for the things they left out), but I am somewhat glad that someone out there made a version of the movie that stuck close to the soul of Andersen's plot. It's a classic story about love against all odds - about risking everything for one slim shot at happiness. A real fairy tale through and through.

    Apparently she torments mermaids whenever there aren't any Battletoads around.
    The story opens with Marina and Fritz happily playing away their days in the palace of the great sea-king. However, she is not old enough to join her sisters when they go gallavanting off to the surface. Thus they do what any kids in their position would do: they sneak out. For the first time Marina leaves the ocean; she and Fritz perch on an iceberg so they can see whatever they can under the open sky.

    Suddenly they spot a human ship nearby. Aboard is a young prince who Marina is instantly infatuated with. Suddenly a storm swoops in and demolishes the prince's ship, so Marina dives down and rescues him from drowning. She carts him to a nearby beach where he is discovered by a flock of nuns. The prince is not even aware Marina has rescued him.

    Time passes and Marina decides the best course of action is to visit the evil sea-witch and acquire human legs with which to court her prince. The sea-witch agrees to do this, under the condition that Marina must marry him or die. The morning after the prince weds another, her heart will break and she'll be transformed into sea foam. In addition, she has to surrender her lovely singing voice to the witch. (And if you think that's harsh, keep in mind that in Andersen's original story the witch just grabs a knife and hacks the princess' tongue right out of her head. Oh, and also, every step she takes causes her feet to split open and bleed. Marina actually gets off light.) Against all odds Marina goes alone into a world she knows nothing about and without the one tool that would have helped her the most.

    Marina and the prince grow closer to each other until the day the prince's parents insist he marries. He is reluctant to do so until *he discovers his betrothed is the nun who first found him washed up on shore*. Thus the wedding goes on, and Marina is out of luck. *In a last-ditch effort to save her, Marina's sisters sell their hair to the sea-witch for a magic knife. They tell Marina that if she stabs the prince and lets his blood touch her feet, she'll be able to avoid death and come home. Marina finds herself unable to do this, though, and dies a miserable death.*

    It's a beautiful story all around, *if a little sad*. You get a lot of little things here you don't get with Disney's version, so if you're familiar with Andersen's like I am you'll be delighted to see the majority of the plot in tact.

    Old'n'ragged. That's just about all there is to it.

    "It's not that... it's just... I was expecting you to look more like the statue. You know?"
    It's unfair, maybe, to blast a movie this old for its animation. I can't definitively say that it's any worse than anything else back in those prehistoric days where washed-out colors and slideshow-like framerates were the norm. Some people will tell you that 1979 was "only" 25 years ago... but brother, that's an eternity when it comes to the visual quality of cartoons.

    When it comes right down to it, the artwork in The Little Mermaid just isn't attractive. I guess it has a sort of endearing oldschool charm, but in my opinion that's a school so old as to be delapidated. What's worse, my sample is on VHS and so I get all the grainy fun that comes along with an obsolete medium.

    One oddity I noted while watching is that while the framerate is already low (this is common in anime) there are times when the action will just seem to stop for no reason. Sometimes there is so little movement that the characters' mouths don't even move when they speak. This is particularly comical late in the movie when Marina is mute and just thinking to herself. "Gee," you think, "I know she's just thinking here but it looks just the same as when she was talking five scenes ago." Another tidbit is the almost absurd number of close-ups... the "camera" swings so close to Marina's face at times you'll wonder if you're about to get sucked up her nose. I guess anything to keep those animation costs down, after all.

    Culture Shock:
    Okay, so there's nothing Japanese-y at all about The Little Mermaid. Not in the least. So why the low score?

    I'm going to just be bluntly honest here... Disney's ruined it for you. No matter how open-minded you try to be watching The Little Mermaid you'll just keep being overwhelmed by memories of Disney's superior take on the story. Even a passing familiarity with Ariel and her cronies will make Marina pale in comparison.

    Not only that, but The Little Mermaid is wholly unlike any other kind of animated movie. I mean, when it sticks to Andersen's story it sticks like glue. It's a very somber story told at a very deliberate pace... a stark Unfortunately, the scene where Fritz gets caught in a tuna net and eaten by pirates was cut out of the movie.
    contrast to the more traditional animated movie that bounces along at a fevered clip. There's little humor and less action, meaning that if you were born and bred on Disney or anime (or any combination thereof) you're out of your element where The Little Mermaid is concerned.


    Daring to Dream
    Andersen's original text
    IMDB Listing
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
    I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
    They're one in the same, I must isolate you...
    Isolate and save you from yourself

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    Re: HELP!! Who is this Anime Character???

    It is quite possible it is the character "EVA" from Petshop of Horrors.

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    Re: HELP!! Who is this Anime Character???

    That figure isn't from an anime. She is a backround character in the Darkstalkers video games. That figure is from a six piece gashapon set. Here is a picture of the whole set.

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    Re: HELP!! Who is this Anime Character???

    Question answered, closing.

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