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Thread: High School's Connection to Anime

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    High School's Connection to Anime

    Simple question. Why is high school such a popular theme in anime? High school definitely isn't as popular in American cartoons. Is it because they go to school more than us?
    It was just something that popped up in my mind so why not let everyone have a crack at it.
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    Re: High School's Connection to Anime

    It's probably because when you go through teen years, you're still finding yourself. So there are a lot of "stereotypes" that can form (like jock, emo kid, etc.) because people are still finding themselves. Being a teen also means you're in between being an adult and a kid; you're accepting more responsibilities as an adult, but you still want to have fun as a child. Additionally, when you're a teen, you're on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, which can create conflict and drama in high school.

    So yeah, with those mentioned above, teens pretty much make the perfect heroes for an anime, since the hormones start kicking in and their characters slowly get developed and stuff.


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    Re: High School's Connection to Anime

    Simple.Since they must have reckoned that most of the people who watch anime are in high school , they focus on high-school cause then it is something that the in-high-schools' can relate to.Also cause that way its more easier for the viewer to understand the character's feelings cause they probably know (through personal experience or personal feelings) how the character is feeling .(I think so .)

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    Re: High School's Connection to Anime

    because it is also a generational thing as well, the older generations grew up with the old comics, etc. But from what I've seen (in my generation) manga and anime is parred with "growing up" and getting into something new. So to target this manga and anime are targeted toward the people who read/ wtch them? (sry this is confuzing (typing while thinking is never good lol))
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    Re: High School's Connection to Anime

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    High School (which in Japan is grade 10 - 12) and Junior High (grades 7 - 9) have become much more popular in Japan in the last decade, partial due to the trend of 'Moe' characters in the Japanese fandom, with 'Adult' and 'Moe' generally considered a contradiction...

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    Re: High School's Connection to Anime

    Honestly I think the reason that the High Schools have been such a popular theme for anime is because of the different school system they used which was stated by LenMiyata and that the mangakas had probably had real interest in what the people in High School were doing so they observed the activities performed by the young adults in High School which possibly led to a certain thought to put virtual anime characters into the High Schools and see how it works out and when it became a hit then that was why it all of a sudden became so popular.

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