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Thread: Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 (thoughts?)

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    Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 (thoughts?)

    So what did you guys think of the first episode? Damn! I've been waiting a while for it, and from the trailer.. kept me drooling for weeks. How often do you get a sick Zombie Anime like this? The last Zombie Anime I saw was Zombie Loan lol, actually that's the only Zombie Anime I've seen ever.


    Sure, it's an Ecchi Anime.. but holy crap, I don't think it's possible to incorporate it any better then they did in Highschool of the Dead. I normally hate Ecchi Anime, but man, the action, camera angles, and the ecchi, my god. It's definitely one of the greatest Anime this season. Way to kick it off!

    What did you guys think? Like it? Hate it? Could care less?
    Here's the first Episode if you haven't (Check it out if you haven't! It's freakin' worth it!)

    <link removed>
    alternatively, you could use this link....

    <link removed

    The Anime is INSANE! It's freakin' awesome. Seriously. Go watch it now! lol
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    Re: Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 (thoughts?)

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Links have been removed on account of the Region 1 Licensing of this series by Sentai Filmworks...
    LOS ANGELES (Anime Expo), July 2, 2010—Sentai Filmworks today announced its acquisition of the new hit anime series HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD. Based on the ultra-violent manga by Daisuke Satō, directed by Tetsuro Araki (Deathnote, Black Lagoon) and produced by the internationally famed studio MADHOUSE (Deathnote, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D-Bloodlust, Wicked City) HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD combines hordes of flesh-eating zombies with state of the art animation for one of the most action packed anime series ever!
    Sentai Filmworks Announces High School of the Dead License - Anime News Network:

    In addition, Anime Networks have announced a streaming broadcast for this series...
    HOUSTON, TX — 7-02-2010 — High School of the Dead, the highly anticipated new series from Madhouse (Deathnote, Macross Frontier), will begin simulcasting this July ONLY on Anime Network Online.

    WHAT: Worldwide Premiere of High School of the Dead on Anime Network Online
    From Director Tetsuro Araki (Deathnote, Black Lagoon), and adapted from the highly successful manga of the same name by Daisuke Sato, comes one of the hottest new shows of the Summer, Highschool of the Dead. A deadly new disease is ravaging the world, turning the populace into mindless zombies, and the number of infected is skyrocketing by the second. As their fellow classmates and teachers succumb to the infection around them, a small group of students at Fujimi High School are fighting for their lives after surviving the initial outbreak. It is up to Takashi Komuro to unite the group of weary survivors and try to escape the horrors that surround them. In this new world of the living dead...will they escape?

    WHEN: Episode 1 will be available Monday, July 5th at 12:00 AM CDT (late Sunday night), episodes 2 and on will be available every Sunday at 10:00 PM CDT.
    Check www.theanimenetwork.com for North American Listings.
    202-QUARANTINE-Anime-Network-to-Simulcast-Highschool-of-the-Dead | myblog:
    The Trailer on this link looks 'cool'
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    Re: Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 (thoughts?)

    The first ep was awesome damn it may even be better than the manga I can't wait for the next ep all the blood shed and there's still a good storyline. The end was kinda sad though. But it is most defently going to be the best anime this season in my apinion.
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    Re: Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 (thoughts?)

    ye i watched the first episode and it really was awesome its my #2 now after death note
    all the camera action is so awesome , when the baseball bat hit the zombies heads it looked so dam good.

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    Re: Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 (thoughts?)

    finished ep 2 . i am really looking foward to this series . its {to me} the best of summer 2o10

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