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Thread: Hikaru no Go

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    Talking Hikaru no Go

    I love this show. Everything about it is perfect to me the ending though is such a Japanese Ending. I would love to have a video game or a new show of Hikaru no Go about Sai's first student. Another problem from the ending is the English dubbed voices thats truly Hell on Earth.

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    Re: Hikaru no Go

    hm... i've never heard about this anime... is it good and whats it about??
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    Re: Hikaru no Go

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    Quote Originally Posted by animefreak150 View Post
    hm... i've never heard about this anime... is it good and whats it about??
    'Hikaru no Go' is an award winning anime series, which starts out when a teenage middle school boy encounters the ghost spirit of a ancient 'Go' master from centuries past who has haunted a family heirloom Go board... The series itself triggered a Go revival in Japan at the start of this decade...

    VIZ ANIME is streaming the series for Region 1 distribution here...
    Hikaru no Go - VIZ ANIME: Free Anime Online. All the Time.:
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