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Thread: Hollywood adaptation of 'Death Note' underway

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    Re: Hollywood adaptation of 'Death Note' underway

    Though i'm not putting any hopes over this but i really hope they make it at a decent acceptable level ,besides the Japanese version being sucky doesn't relate in any form to how the American one is expected to be .. well we just have to hope and just hope!
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    Re: Hollywood adaptation of 'Death Note' underway

    I really hope they don't screw up...to be honest, i can't think of any good live-action movie based on an anime...is there really such a thing?

    And...umm...I guess the movie would work if they made L, and not Light, the protagonist. I think it would be a lot easier...for the american movie-making style at least...On second thouht, having L as the protagonist and Light making random appearances...would pretty much break the idea of Death note, wouldn't it?

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    Re: Hollywood adaptation of 'Death Note' underway

    poor light to be played by zack efron. what is wrong with hollywood today? i mean could you imagine light breaking out into song, death note is very far off from high school musical. he is just to happy for light.

    besides they have a habit of screwing up animes when they make them live-action movies. so i won't watch it. i may watch it to get a few laughs but i won't spend my money on it.

    they can make great superhero films but, they should just leave it to people who knows the anime. they don't know what they are dealing with.
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