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Thread: How did you meet anime???

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    Well... this is a good question lol

    I first discovered anime when I was... hmmm... 5 years old if I'm not mistaken,.. the first anime i watched was Dragon Ball... I would never miss it every Saturday o.o I love watching cartoons back then, and it got me thinking.. why does this cartoon have a story line (Dragon Ball) and cartoons like Tom n Jerry, Looney Toones, and ect ect, do not.

    It got me thinking back then but I just ignored it eventually, I was a kid after all . Then I saw another anime, I can't remember the title.. loved the ending song o.o Forever friends or something... It's an anime where a kid could journey into another world and use gundam like robot and noticed another thing... the songs, they were not silly musics or ones with stupid lyrics and was sang with vocals that are not as nice as singers usually do.. and one more thing caught my ears... the language the song was sang in animes.. I did'nt know what the language was back then.. after a while I started to stumble upon more animes with the same language for opening and ending songs.. o.o and when I learned how to use internet.. I finally understand the whole thing about anime.. but im no Otaku of course.. just an anime fan

    PS : I did do some thinking when i was that age! Do not doubt meh~!

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    i feel a different way, that many people would considered wierd. I love anime, I feel a connection between images in a book and on television/internet. I always dream of being like them without even realizing it. I think the first anime I watched was Inuyasha, I'm not sure if I did though. You may think I'm more wierd when I say I'm obsessed with anime and nature. I will actually cry because its so beautiful. If I die I rather be reborn as a anime character or be part of nature. And I love japanese people, because they created anime, and have a unique picture of nature and life. That's why I rather be mix with japanese or korean. It would be fun and kewl.That's all I have to say, I don't care what other ppl think.

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    uhm..actually, back when i was a kid..dragonballz was really a hit here in the Philippines ( up to now of course)..but i wasn't really looking at it ( i did think of it as "it sucks" coz i'm like a disney fan back then)..

    highschool came and still I am addicted to disney/cartoon network but this time with nickelodeon,myx and mtv on it.

    i suddenly saw an anime wallpaper in one of the computers at school and it caught my attention. it was "Gensomaden Saiyuki" so basically that was my first anime addiction.

    and after asking what wallpaper was that on the screen..i watched it on axn (we still don't have animax back then).

    i became addicted to anime and craved for it until we had our animax channel already (the first thing that i saw on it was CHOBITS) and i totally got more hooked into anime (especially love stories)

    btw, i watched dragonballz during highschool..kind of a late bloomer, you think? lolz
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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    I seem to have a different start with anime than just about everyone here. I never got into DBZ or anything like that when I was a kid, and it was only recently that I got into anime. I love video games, RPGs in particular, and I heard they were making an anime about Tales of the Abyss. I loved the game, so I watched it, and wanted more, and now I'm hooked.

    animangagrl2772, there is nothing wrong with that, we are all unique, it's not weird.

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    the first time i discovered anime was from my brother who really enjoyed watch dragon ball...and i started to get along with the series...my brother never missed the anime...for me i also like dragon ball...after that i start to watch more anime...

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    I was in my early teens, like 13, my last year of middle school. I've always known about anime, and Ive seen the programs the were aired on TV, but I didn't really develop a THING for it until I was 13.

    I cant remember WHY this was possible, but the Video Update by my house would let me rent movies. Me, a kid, all by myself. So that what I'd spend my allowance on. And no one ever questioned me getting these animated films. I think they were uneducated. But I was getting SERIOUS hardcore anime. Urotsukidoji... The had more than a few of the "Legends of the Overfiend". I had never seen so much monster penis in my life.

    I was 13, my hormones were raging, and I could watch very adult Japanese animation, without my parents knowing? That's what started it. I cant say I maintained my enthusiasm though. I never seen anime I liked more than those videos. Its personal. And now I seem to be exceedingly picky. But I still find anime that paints my wagon from time to time.
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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    I first found the lovely world of Anime through another love of mines: Vampires. I was flicking through some books and comics at Forbidden Planet and came across a Hellsing Vol.1. After a few pages I bought Vol. 1-4 and ended reading them all that day. Hellsing lead to Beserk and Trigun and then eventually into other; slightly more mainstream; Anime (bleach) and henceforth.

    The saga continues...
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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    This is a good question.

    For me it was kind of a slow build up. Back when I was in middle school / high school the Sci-Fi channel would show anime I think every saturday at like 9 or 10 in the morning and I would catch it some times. Usually stuff like Galaxy Express or older Miyazaki films like Laputa, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. I really did not know that they were "anime" until later when I came across an anime club at my High School.

    They would usually watch DBZ which didn't really interest me much but I did see the Street Fighter movie and liked that. It got me to seek out other anime and found out my local video rental place and a small selection. There I watched stuff like Bubble Gum Crisis, Vampire Hunter D, Gunsmith Cats and so on. Also around this time, the local public access channel started showing Tenchi Muyo late at night and I would watch that.

    But really what got me into anime was Eva. Once I got a job and had my own money, I started buying DVDs and Eva was the show that started it. I was given the first two DVDs by a friend and that was that. After Eva it was Trigun, Excel Saga, Black Heaven, Love Hina and then the show that really made me fall in love with the media and showed me just how good anime could be, Cowboy Bebop. After I saw that I learned about the world of fansubs and dove head first into it. Anime has been a part of my daily life ever since.

    So I would say Galaxy Express was what introduced me to anime, but Eva and Cowboy Bebop made me an anime fan.
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