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Thread: How did you meet anime???

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    Simply, I just watched Pokemon when I was 6. . However, I really got exposed to it when I got an issue of Shonen Jump when I went on holiday to Florida when I was 11 (around March/April 2005, but the issue was one from 2004 which was being sold in Epcot), which exposed me to Manga. I then got interested in the idea of Anime when I was 13 (around April 2007), and decided to watch Naruto. It was entertaining, and I was able to appreciate the Shonen Jump alot more. I then heared about other Anime from various places, and I decided to watch them, and now I'm an Anime fan for Life! xD

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    Re: How did you meet anime???

    My first introduction into anime was when I was in the fifth grade and one of my friends and his older brother brought over a copy of Akira and from that moment on I devoured all things anime and manga

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