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Thread: Initial D

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    Initial D

    I was wonderng if anyone has seen Initial D, and if you did, did you like it or hate it, and why...
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    Re: Initial D

    i liked the story, and own a few copies of it on dvd and have quite a few manga now, but i think the races should have been animated or at least upgrade the render engine that they used to cg the race scenes...my PS2 looks better that some of the race scenes...at this point i kinda sticking to the Manga the cars look better, and it carries the speed more dramaticly i think...
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    Re: Initial D

    i have never seen the anime, but i own the first 3 volumes of manga. i got them from Radio Shack (go figure) for 2 bucks for the three of them! anyway i like it a lot! the manga does seem to convey speed well. ive seen a couple things from the anime, and i think the cars would be beter if they wherent computer done at all.

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