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Thread: K-On! First Season Licensed by Bandai Entertainment

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    K-On! First Season Licensed by Bandai Entertainment

    Pulled this from ANN

    Bandai Entertainment Adds K-On! TV Anime Series (Updated)
    posted on 2010-07-01 18:15 EDT
    1st series based on kakifly's comedy manga about budding high school band

    The North American anime distributor Bandai Entertainment has announced at its Anime Expo panel on Thursday that it licensed the K-ON! television anime series. The anime adapts kakifly's four-panel comedy manga about a budding high school band. Bandai Entertainnent's license currently extends only to the first series, as opposed to the ongoing second series, K-ON!!

    Update: After the company's panel, Bandai Entertainment Marketing Director Robert Napton clarified with ANN that the release format of K-ON! — whether it will be Blu-ray Disc, DVD, or both — has not been decided yet. The panel announced a cast for Bandai Entertainment's K-ON! marketing videos, but Napton emphasized that no announcement has been made about an English dubbing cast, or whether there will be a dubbing. The cast for the K-ON! marketing videos is Cristina Vee as Mio, Karri Shirou as Yui, "Kix" as Tsumugi, and "Briana" as Ritsu.

    I for one am excited about this, I loved K-On, and look forward to hearing the English adaptations of the music (Listening to the soundtracks in my car while driving is one of my guilty pleasures ^__^; ). That is of course, if they don't totally butcher 'Don't Say Lazy', 'cause if they do... I'm going to find them...

    They better release it to DVD as well as Blu-Ray, because I haven't taken the plunge into blu-ray yet (lack of an HDTV might have something to do with that). Of course, it would be shear idiocy on their part to release this popular series on only Blu-Ray, because they will be alienating a large portion of their fanbase.
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