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Far up in the sky, there is a big comet, on which a witch lives. Kanaka and Woota couldn't give up to see it.

One day, a little star fallen from the comet. And the star comes into Knaka's house. After a while, a witch, Reku, appeared to look for the star and asked Kanaka and Woota.

"Please look for Badgermouse who has changed to a star..."

Yes. The star fallen from the sky was a mischievous Badgermouse. Kanaka got "Magic candies" from Reku and became able to use magics.

"Let's look for Badgermouse!"

Where does he hide? And waht adventure will happen to Kanaka and Woota in the future?
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I'm REALLY looking forward to this one, an original by my favorite company. Yes, i'll admit that i'm a sucker for whatever product KyoAni produces, but who isn't really??

What are your thoughts on Kanaka's Dream Magic!? Know when it will be finished? Knows things that aren't said there?