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Thread: Karas The Prophecy/The Revelation

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    Karas The Prophecy/The Revelation

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    Now to make a short story long, last year in the spring of 2006, Manga Entertainment released the 'Karas, The Prophecy' DVD, which took the first three episodes of the 'Karas' OVA and combined them together as a movie format video. The release had absolutely breath taking CGI animation work, but the plot left something to be desired, giving out on the barest hints about what is happening and leaving the viewer to guess what the story is about. And the worst thing about the release was that the story was unfinished, with the release of the sequel (and even the production of the sequel in Japan) not even scheduled...

    Now jumping forward one and a half years, (a somewhat long wait to finish a story) Manga Entertainment finally releases the sequel, 'Karas, The Revelation', and I hate to admit it, but the year and half wait, (long enough that I had to review the first DVD before starting the 2nd), was worth it to finish this series. Besides continuing with the breath taking CGI animation, the second half fully explains who (and what) Karas is, the role and motivations of all of the characters, and a fulfilling ending to the original story. The first 3 episodes were considered outstanding enough that it took the best OVA series award at the 2006 Tokyo Anime Fair. With the completion of the series, 'Karas' is OVA to be recommended...

    *Karas - Homepage*

    Awards Winners Archive - Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008
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    Re: Karas The Prophecy/The Revelation

    I'm glad you recommended this. After watching "The Prophecy", I was so confused and irritated at the lack of a comprehensible storyline, that I probably would have not even bothered watching "The Revelation". But if there's a full explanation in the second OVA, it will definitely help me see Karas in a new light. I will have to go back and re-watch the first OVA though, or I may be just as lost in the second.
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