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Thread: (kingdom hearts realated)

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    (kingdom hearts realated)

    what does light,darkness or bothe mean to you
    `darkness means power within used in many ways for good
    or bad>.<
    `Light is power that is in that will never come out,and might turn into another side
    They both mean to me..........its in ur heart
    it depends how u feel.... sad face...T.T
    sometimes things dont seem the way it is
    dark power cant go away, but there is light within...>.<

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    Re: (kingdom hearts realated)

    to me , both mean nothing . They're just two states , with or without light .
    Light can symbolise just as much evil and darkness can symbolise just as much justice as white .
    Its just a matter of different perspectives .

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    Re: (kingdom hearts realated)

    basically wat sarentai said is how i feel.
    sometimes i kinda relate darkness to confusion and turmoil within a person. i think u need a good combination of both, to much of any could be bad.

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    Re: (kingdom hearts realated)

    I believe that darkness and light must coexist, like Yin and Yang. They cannot exist without one another. I think that there is light within every darkness, and sometimes, the dark can smother the light, leaving those in its presence cornered by fear.
    "I am chasing someone without a name or a face. He will hear me, but will never see me coming. And when I find him, I will show him what Justice truly means."
    ~ L, Death Note

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