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Thread: Kino Vs. Vash

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    Kino Vs. Vash

    Markmenship contest: The participants are Kino From Kinos Journey and Vash from as you all know Trigun. So which is the best markman and who would win in a contest. I would have to go with Kino I mean the way Kino can use bullets as a sheild is flawless, I don't think Vash could kill kino however I think that vash is good enough to predict where the bullets go and most likely they collide. It would be a tie.

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    Re: Kino Vs. Vash

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Not a good comparison here... If this was happening in 'Kino's Journey', then Plants wouldn't exist and Vash wouldn't have any super human powers. And if this was happening in 'Trigun', self-aware motorcycles don't exist, and Kino wouldn't have any reason to be riding around...

    For that matter, Usopp from 'One Piece' with his devil's luck is a better shot, and the middle-school girl Lain Iwakura can beat anyone... In general, trying to compare characters from different anime series is invalid unless its spinoff from a common series with a shared background...
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    Re: Kino Vs. Vash

    Will yeah but lets say this is in Super Smash Bros World okay Oak so any one of their weapons could be used . But I think Vash all the way he doesnt need to block bullets he dodges them (hell yeah) and he has more then just bullets he has the angel arm no doubt he would win.

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