Sorry, i didnt mean to make anyone fight, i only wanted 'Shounen-Ai', something like loveless (and thanks for the suggestion who ever recommended it, but ive kinda seen it already)

Does anyone else have any suggestions? And nothing "hardcore" as it was put.
Well, there is another one called Selfish Love. I know there is some yaoi in it but I don't know to what level of yaoi it goes, too. Here's a summary of it though from Anime News Network if your interested.

Ryuya had hoped to make it through his high class university with little to no contact with the snobbish rich students, but when the President of the Honors Society decides to chase him down for the vice president's posistion, Ryuya doesn't know what to do. Especially when the president can't seem to keep his hands to himself.

Hopefully, you haven't read this one or anything like that.