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>_> Sadly there was/is a debate, or something close to it. Besides i do got a child, twins actually. They don't live with me, and i kinda agree on that. I'm no where near responsible enough for that, though i still see them from time to time.

Returning to the anime, i find it only as an entertainment object, nothing that relates to human - whether child or not - and as an entertainment item it wa really good, it served its purpose very well. I could never see anything drawn as a real 3rd grader, though in the reality of the show i could and in that reality the 3rd grader was more "adult" then the adult *shrug*

Just not taking it seriously is probably the biggest line in our perspectives.
I suppose.. To each their own. Me, I won't touch it with at ten yard stick. Like a dumbass, I went home after work and this thread kept popping in and out of my head, so I went and checked out a few pages on the net.... Umm... Sick! That's what that manga is; sick! It's no wonder Seven Seas dropped it! A 3rd grader practicing calligraphy that says, "I want you to ejaculate inside of me," is pretty disturbing to me.

I have a child, myself. So, hearing another parent say they avidly read a loli manga is kinda disturbing to me (no offense, I'm not tryin' to talk sh*t). If it's entertaining to people, so be it. I just find the manga to be very absurd and... Sick. I can't find a better word than that right now. LOL.