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Thread: The last exile

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    The last exile

    has anyone seen the Last Exile? i saw the first few episodes but that was a whilw ago.... is it any good? is it worth watching? is the ending good or bad?
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    Re: The last exile

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    'Last Exile' was a bold experiment produced by Studio GONZO, and was their high budget, high profile series for that year. This was the first GONZO series produced that had a seamless integration of CGI effects with traditional hand drawn animation. The last episode is somewhat 'confusing', (but these kind of endings appear to be common in Japanese Sci-Fi stories...) 'Last Exile' easily ranks among the best Sci-Fi series produced by GONZO, and I rank it 2nd only behind 'Gankutsuou', (the Sci-Fi remake of 'The Count of Monte Cristo') for animation and writing quality...

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    Re: The last exile

    I actually saw the last epidsode of it but somewhat i can`t undersyand it[it really confuses me alot]...
    But love that anime[the Studio GONZO produced the FMA right?]..
    i love the anime and have a great storyline[forgots the story about]...
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    Re: The last exile

    I havent actually finished this series, but I was completely ingrossed.
    The animation is amazing and the storyline is good.
    All the characters are there own person and that creates a unique air about it.
    I've never seen the end so I cant tell you if that sucks or not, but overall its a must watch. =]
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    Re: The last exile

    The Last Exile was very good in my opinion. It was a very good interpretation of steam punk style of science fiction. It is hard to grasp the concept of who is who and what is going on in the background story but its nothing really big or troublesome. I enjoyed it from start to finish.
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