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Thread: looking for gay characters

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    Re: looking for gay characters

    Well, You're Under Arrest (one of my personal favorites back in the day) was already mentioned, if we're all going to be faithful to the thread starter's criteria it's the BEST choice. It's a pretty popular show too so finding it should be hassle-free.

    Gyoten Ningen Batseelor is a simple plotted "save the world" comedy series. It follows the adventures of Captain Fatz, Jan Zaru, and the rest of the Seahorse (a galleon) crew. The central theme of the show isn't really focused on gay and sexual undertones but more on light comedy and the typical henshin (transforming) hero elements. Even kids won't get lost while keeping track of the story..

    Most of the main characters uses peace stones to transform into a more powerful warrior. Wave Knight, one of the most imposing characters in the show has the most farfetched form when transformed. From a heavy muscled and intimidating figure he transforms into a karaoke singin' magical girl (magical gay, actually).

    And oh yeah, the main antagonist isn't named gay for nothing.

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    Re: looking for gay characters

    Monochrome Factor is nice.
    Although it has no BL elements in its manga, but I recommend both of them.
    The manga has better artwork, but for BL, it's the anime. (grins)

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