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Thread: Looking for some fantasy?

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    Looking for some fantasy?

    I have lately been looking for a fantasy anime like Record of Lodoss and Berserk to watch and I was wondering if anyone has seen a new show like that to watch (I have seen Tsubasa, rune soldier, slayers, etc.), I have not seen a show that fits those lines in a while and I was wondering if this genre is dying out, I like various types of anime genre's but it's been a while since I have seen a show from this genre and was wondering if anyone can help me with these questions I have.

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    Re: Looking for some fantasy?

    I can count you some fantasy anime...
    Shakugan no Shana
    Chrono Crusade
    Code Geass
    Last Exile[Sci-Fi anime]
    Law of Ueki
    Ragnarok:The Animation

    All the listed above is fantasy animes...
    and there are still many more of them.......
    List of fantasy anime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Click the link above to see if you can made a choice int fantasy animes
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    Re: Looking for some fantasy?

    Here's some fantasy...
    try watching...

    Chrome Shelled Regios
    Edens Bowy
    Final Fantasy: Unlimited
    Fate Stay Night
    Ghost Hunt
    Wolf's Rain
    Vampire Knight
    Tsubasa Chronicles
    Rave Master
    Sorcerer Hunters...

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    Re: Looking for some fantasy?

    List threads are not allowed. If you want to get recommendations, or give them, you must explain why you are recommending these series'


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