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Thread: love the voice actor, then love the anime.

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    love the voice actor, then love the anime.

    Do you ever watch the anime just because of the the voice actor and then addicted into the anime plots?

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    Re: love the voice actor, then love the anime.

    Complete opposite for me unfortunately. Watched FMA (Both the original and brotherhood) before really looking into who voiced Ed Elric. My opinion of the guy changed. Personally, Vic Mignogna seems like a bit of a bell. Personal opinion of course....but it doesn't stop me from loving FMA. One of my all-time favs.

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    Re: love the voice actor, then love the anime.

    not really, the anime is not about the voice it's about the story line and how this anime is worthy for your time ... after you like the anime and decide to watch it you like the voice of the characters automatically .... it is true that sometimes the voice is not good for the character but that can't stop in the way of the story line and the effects in the anime .... and if that (the voice) effect your opinion on the anime that means you are looking in the anime for the voice and the look of the characters more than the story line ..... =^_^=
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