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Thread: Loveless anyone

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    Talking Loveless anyone

    okay so im just wondering if anyone here has read/watched Loveless by Yun Kouga. Its a really good series and i just want to know other pplz thoughts on it...also i would like to know your at least top 2 favorite characters and couple and please tell why they are what they are please and thank you ^-^

    My favoirte characters are Ritsuka becuase he is just so cute and so innocent the way he always blushes when soubi hugs, or kisses him^-^ plus he has been through so much what with his mother and everything.

    Soubi because he is always so protective of ritsuka. Plus he is so strong and the paintings he does are beautiful
    Youji and Natsuo are for the same reason they're so mistevious and tend to get into trouble...plus they pick on poor innocent ritsuka alot but its kind of cute. Plus they care alot for eachother..so they are definitly one of my favs.

    and My favorite couple is Ritsuka X Soubi: mainly because they're the main characters plus they look adorable together...even if it seems weird. i dont konw how to explain it much more than that..^-^
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    Re: Loveless anyone

    Oh my gosh!
    I looooooove Loveless.
    Ritsuka is one of my favorite characters too~
    My friend who adores all that is anime got me into the Loveless series. I really love it too!

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    Re: Loveless anyone

    Loveless is one of my favorite shounen-ai series of all time!!! The two characters i like the most are obviously Ritsuka and Soubi. I love how Ritsuka is mature and complex one moment and kind and a bit naive another moment. I like Soubi because he, like Ritsuka, is a tragic character who has been through so much in his life and has been abused by both Ritsu and Seimei. Oh..almost forgot Ritsuka and Soubi all the way(stop resisting Ritsuka

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