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Thread: Magikano

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    Hey, I've been watching this Anime called Magikano for awhile on the Anime Network on Demand, and I really like it and I've been thinkin on watchin it on Youtube or somewhere else. But I dunno if the English version of the anime has completly different dialog from the origina Japanesel. So I was wondering if any of you knew. So should I follow up on it or not? And if i SHOULD watch it, should I watch the Sub or the Dub?

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    Re: Magikano

    Watched this series(english dub) on Animax maybe a year or so ago, the dub was okay and i don't see it as something to be hated. The english dub -like the subbed stuff that you can find- is definitely not word per word with the Japanese dialog but it's not gonna tell you a totally different story. The voices aren't half bad either...decent enough.

    Should you watch it? I think you need to answer it yourself but as far as my opinion is concerned it wasn't good but it didn't waste my time either. it's just a magical girl anime with no interesting things to offer. If you think you already liked it then go on and continue watching it.

    Should you watch the dub or the sub? Depends on your preference. Like what i've said earlier the dub is decent enough, you're not gonna hate it unless you are a hardcore sub fan.

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