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Thread: More FLCL?

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    Re: More FLCL?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero666Mitaki View Post
    You guys saw FLCL right?lemme get ur opinion.should they have expanded the show?or maybe even give it a new mini series?i think they killed it off in too much haste.wut do u guys think?
    i think it was by far my fav ever but there was only 6 episodes. I really didnt understand it untill the last episode and i was hooked i watched all of them over and over so yewah i think there should be more at least

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    Re: More FLCL?

    Ithink that show was great.... loved the story and would like to a new mini eps of the of.

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    Re: More FLCL?

    ya,it kikd massive butt huh?i admit guys,it was a little confusing and it was weird as fuk but the last episode......omg.the freakin god was AWSOME!he kikd that robots ass like it was childs play.i love how he dual-weilds the guitars too.i think they coulda gave it a different plot or problem to extend it to a regular show.i know id watch it evry chance i got.

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    Re: More FLCL?

    Rofl. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. xD I was hoping everyone had forgotten about that thing.

    To be honest, I never was particularly interested in FLCL to begin with, I'm not saying its a good OR a bad series, but it's one I tend to just... not really watch. Meh. I think if they made a second series it'd still be the same - I just wouldn't pay much attention to it.

    Lot of my friends go MENTAL for it though. &#172;_&#172;;;

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    Re: More FLCL?

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    In reality, as 'unique' as 'FLCL' was, it ultimately was a money loser for GAINAX Studios, leaving little motivation to continue or expand the series...

    Now if you want to see something similar to 'FLCL' then you should take a look at 'Gurren Lagann', which was created by the same production team as 'FLCL', shares the same chaotic animation style as 'FLCL', but actually has a well written story, that caused it to dominate the Anime TV series award for its year in Japan...
    I disagree with comparing it to gurren lagaan, yeah it might have been made by GAINAX and has that chaotic animation style, but the way the story was told and delivered to the audience was way different then what FLCL went with because FLCL was way more over the top and crazy in how they delivered the story (gurren's story just jumpped in time in order to compress a story that should have been told in a 50ish episode time frame, in my opinon also that is what made this show good as well.) and that is what made it so fun to watch. in my opinon, if anything I would compare this show to family guy because of how random parodies and jokes changes during an episode (remember the south park part in the barber shop). other than that I would say that this series appeal is that for a show that didn't take it self seriously from the get go, it was a fun show to watch and listen (the pillows) to and enjoy. if they try to add more episodes or different story arc's with the same characters, it would ruin the show because everything was resolved in the end, so to me they should not add anymore (go read the manga if you want more) and leave it alone.

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