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Thread: Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history

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    Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history

    Hey people

    I am working on a new anime top 10 project so i would love to hear your opinion on what you think are the Top 3 badass/awesome old guys in anime. Or if you can't find three, your favorite will do too.

    Here is a short list i have already collected of badass old guys:

    - Kenshin: Hiko Seijiro (Master of the Hiten mitsurugi ryu and Kenshin's teacher)

    - One Piece: Whitebeard (the governement gathered
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    - Bleach: captain Yamamoto (hes the #1 squad captain, nuff said)

    - Kenichi: Hayato Furinji (his nickname is the invincible superman)

    - naruto: Sandaime (is capable of
     click to show spoiler

    - Samurai 7: Kambei (epic old samurai badass with cool character = Kambei)

    - Hokuto no Ken: Raoh (Kenshiro's badass older brother)

    - Dragonball: Master roshi
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    - Hunter x Hunter: Maha Zoldyck (the oldest assassin in the Zoldyck family,
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    Those are the nominees so far.

    I am looking for more nominees for the list. So please let me know your choices and if possible why you chose them. Thanks!

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    Re: Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Now to add to the list, the first person to come to mind would be...

    Katsuhito Masaki/Yōshō Masaki Jurai from Tenchi Muyo as the classic old man martial artist trainer with a secret past...
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    Re: Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history

    Hmm.. Good question.

    There are a large amount of older men in anime who have quite the badassery (if that'll be considered as a word).

    My three would be..

    -The Third Hokage from Naruto - He came out of retirement to lead his village again, and died honorably against his foes.

    -Danjo Kouga from Basilisk - A strong leader for the Kouga ninja, unfortunately cut short due to certain circumstances.

    -Master Roshi from DBZ - He is just pure win.

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    Re: Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history

    Master Roshi/Jackie Chun I would have to say. He was badass in the tournaments. He was so powerful and skillful, it was amazing.
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    Re: Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history

    Happosai, hands down!! ^_^

    Those of you who've watched Ranma 1/2 know what I'm talkin' about. Happosai created the realm of bad-assery. LOL. Don't let his perversion fool you. He's pretty powerful. He could possibly be the most powerful old guy in anime I've ever seen.

    Although, I'm a big fan of Tung Fu Rue from the Fatal Fury franchise of games/anime. Naw... Happosai would beat him too.

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