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Thread: Most badass woman in anime

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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    I would have to say Falis from Murder Princess just because she basically beat up everyone and killed all the bad people. There she is with her pretty princess dress, covered in blood wearing combat boots. Shes a pretty tough chick.

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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    1. Ise Nanao (Bleach) - Powerful, humble, cute, able to keep up with the higher levels, knows how to deal with ppl, usually quiet yet can be extremely violent, strict and yet still has room for fun, not to mention, a VERY high tolerance of the 8th division captain. she could most likely kill him if she wanted to, but well, she's in love with him, so that won't happen.

    2. ShihionYoruichi (Bleach) - badass of the badass! powerful, flaunts it, hott, she can turn into a fr*cken cat for crying out loud! Even has feline tendencies as a human, but has a habit of stripping constantly. (but at the same time, issues with the hairballs dude! eeeeewww!)

    3. Scarlet Erza (FairyTail) - similar to Nanao, i guess all i can say is ditto of Nanao, but still a child.

    4. Unohana Retsu (Bleach) - motherly, powerful, knowing, cunning, gentle yet wild, and humble, but all she needs is the ability to make the 11th division taicho tremble in his bells to tell that she is one of the dreadest women

    5.Canaan (Canaan) - warrior, and kind of like Erza in her power and proctectivenes of those she cares about, abilities and techniques unrivaled by all other anime characters i've seen thus far, the artist literally breaks down her character while keeping a little mystery, the only problem is her emotionla state is that of a 3yr old.

    6. Saya (Blood +) - sword, blood, vampire, chevalier (i.e.servant to wait on her hand and foot, not that she treats him like that), downside: extreme fatal bitch fits when woken ahead of time

    7. Ookami Ryouko (Ookami-san) - granted she's a bit of a childish character, but the innocence coupled with her acute battle instincts and ignorance of what is right in front of her and i guess the whole 'i'll be fine by myself' macho act drew me.

    8. Urd (Ah! My Goddess) - lol. this character is hilarious! she'd not as strong, but she knows how to use her powers, and while being a troublemaker, meddler into ppls love lives as well as being half angel and half demon, she's pretty interesting.

    9. Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess) - she kind of like Unohana except without the whole make ppl shiver in their underwear, and she's a goodie two shoes, but she has her badass days

    10.Tatsuki Arisawa and Shiba Kukaku (Bleach) - these 2 are a little phsyco, they have power, use it to their advantage sometimes but never lose sight of the bigger picture.

    I couldn't decide who took last This is definitely not final though, since i have alot more anime to go... these were just my favs in the anime i have seen up till now.
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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    I think the most badass women in Anime are:

    #1) Tsunade from Naruto. The woman is in her fifties and can lift a sword 300 times her size and weight. How is that not badass?

    #2)Retsu Unohana from Bleach. She's calm, collected, and can stand up to Kenpachi and Mayuri. Personally I would have peed my pants if I had to even look at either one of them. She's the perfect picture of a strong woman.

    #3)Sai-Fon from Bleach. I love her I don't care what you think, I'm going to do what the rules say. She's Strong and Smart!
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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    Here are my selections for Badass women:
    Lucy (Elfen Lied) Vectors aside; she's as cold as an Antartic winter, no one is safe around her.

    Madlax (Madlax) not one to get into a gun fight with, incredible instincts.

    Kirika (Noir) Born killer; gun, neck tie or eye glasses.

    Anita King (R.O.D. the TV) Not a woman but surely bad; paper master and martial artist with a hair trigger temper.

    Asha Clan Clan (Outlaw Star) Metamorph with incredible strength, a little ditzy, lookout if she's pissed.

    Marciano's 12 Sisters (Coyote Ragtime) Have to see them to believe.

    Hime (Princess Resurection) Weapons don't seem to matter, unflappable, love the chainsaw scene.

    Finally; Chi Chi (DBZ) If both Goku and Gohan are afraid of her there has to be something there.
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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    She kills 50 ft. Demons, and she was pin cushioned with arrows. Afterwards, she dug out of her own grave.
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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    School Days - BEST ANIME SHOW I SAW SO FAR made me kinda sad and happy some of the episodes were unbearable...... gotta watch it to see it

    Kotonoha Katsura - feels kinda sorry for what happens to her!!!

    Sekai Saionji - Just'd wish she would die!!! which she does!!!

    just these two are enough to respond lmao

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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    my opinion is based on limited viewing and knowledge- it will probably be revised on a later date

    Roberta the Maid (Blood Hound)

    heck 99.9% of the women in Black Lagoon are likely scary and badass

    Riza Hawkeye

    Fruits Basket
    Arisa Uotani (she was in a gang)
    Saki Hanajima (EVERYONE is afraid of her)

    the reason why I chose these ladies? Because I recently watched all these series so they're still fresh in my mind.

    Oh wait!

    Princess NausicaƤ
    Lady Kushana

    Captain Dola Laputa: Castle in the Sky)
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    Re: Most badass woman in anime

    Man, if I had to pick a single female, it would have to be either Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z or Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Chi-Chi doesn't fight much anymore as a housewife and she can't do much besides worry about her husband and sons. Anytime she's irate though and she starts giving you the business any saiyan falters, dripping with sweat at her at her rage. Faye Valentine is certainly a classy lady among most in anime but she takes what she wants when she wants. She's an intelligent, sexy, deceptive sneak thief.... with a gun.

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