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Thread: most disliked character

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    Re: most disliked character

    I hate Tenten because she thinks she sooo great and does nothing!! and she thinks she the best figter in the world and she stinks, also shes mean to rock lee
    I also hate Sakura she does nothing also she can't fight and is a usless character as well as Ino!
    I also have to a gree i hate Sasuke no because i hate him for no reason but because he left Naruto!!! i mean he like totally left his best freind for power, so fangirls don't kill me.
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    Re: most disliked character

    i myself really do not like the prime minister from captain harlock, that dudes apathy towards the well being of earth is just too much

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    Re: most disliked character

    You know, I never really thought of this question -
    As far as a character I hate...
    Uraki (spelling?) from Gundam 0083... ECK! What a whining, crying little wimp. All he's doing the whole anime is being a wuss, and can't even accept the fact that a chick likes him. I watched the series, but I HATED that character - It actually ruined the anime for me. >.<;;

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    Re: most disliked character

    I think my most hated char. is orchi dorm naruto i just think he is a stupid char. i dont like the why he's person is like he just not very cool of a char.

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