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Thread: Most epic anime deaths!

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    Most epic anime deaths!

    Hey people

    I would like to know your your opinion on what you believe are the most epic deaths in anime. I am talking about characters that died in an epic way or whose deaths were overall really epic. I'm compiling a list and i have a few nominations already. I'd like to add some new nominations to the list. Your top 3 or your favorite one will do.

    (Don't forget SPOILER tags!)

    These are the current nominees I have:

    - One Piece:
     click to show spoiler

    - Zero No Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi:
     click to show spoiler

    - Code Geass:
     click to show spoiler

    - Fate stay Night:
     click to show spoiler

    - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
     click to show spoiler

    - Dragonball Z:
     click to show spoiler

    So those are the nominees so far.

    I am looking for more for the list. So let me know your choices and why you chose them. If it's possible it would be great if you would also tell me the episode of the scene or a youtube clip


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    Re: Most epic anime deaths!

    Trunks, a "filthy saiyan" and a "monkey", killed Frieza, who ran an empire that wiped out all life on planets and sold them to the highest bidder, destroyed Planet Vegeta and an army of millions of freedom fighters at the same time with a single blast, abused (abused doesn't even cover it, man *stony eyes*) Vegeta as a child, turning him into the monster he is today, and who was feared by everyone, with a sword.

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