Sorry i havent been around i been preparing for the MTAC anime convention. well ive been already i got back last night. IT WAS amazing and il explain my trip and i hope it inspires you guys to go. well it all started on friday when i got there first thing i did was go to the Dealership(its where you buy all the souveniers and memoribila and japanese food so on and so forth TONS OF SHIZZ but ya. i stayed in there for about a hour then i moved on to the japanese horror room it was showin some awesome stuff then i moved onto the Animeroom and they were showing Cutie Honey it was really funny and cool. afterwards i bought some cosplay stuff and went to the gaming room and played rockband and SSBM and owned in it btw =D. after all this it was about 8 and i went to the main event hall and went to the Chicken box concert(18+) =D AFTEr that concert there was one more(WHICH DEFINES THE MAIN PART OF MY TRIP)

Peelander-Z Played in concert and it was AWESOME. we got hyped and danced with them on stage and played guitar and all then there was a limbo contest that they had int he crowd while playing MAD TIGER!!. after all that everyone left but our crew and we stayed and jut talked with the band and crew. after a while they had trivia and played music and we danced on stage with them and just hung with them. they got cool with us and then we went to the Rave party together after that we left and went to our hotel which was about 3 AM.

Saturday was a FREKAING AWESOME DAY. it mainly started with a Pool party that Peelander Z had and we hung out with them again and they rememberd us and we took pictures and just chilled with them. and even played twister it was a awesometime. the eventing started with a Super smash brawl tourney. i got knocked out in the first round over some BS. they had 2 stock 1 minuite matches. i was obviously the better player because i had him at 98% and i was only at 30 i could have knocked him out and i got hit in sudden death so ya i was preety pissed but it was still fun. after that i played brawl in a diff area and i owned and had people sayin (kadaj is so good) (kill him he keeps winig) ( dont fight me sonic just let me live ) So ya i was preety popular over there. later on there was a 2v2 tourney for brawl and i LOST AGAIN. my teamate was a Pro also. we lost bc there wasnt a prize.....he didnt get his best characters he just played around the match and we WERE SUPPOSED TO WIN i eliminated the first opponet then i made a mistake and killed myself then he got himself killed so ya i was preety upset again. after that it was about 9 or 8:30 and Louden Noxios was like ( HEY GUYS!! WHATS UP ITS ME LOUDEN) and were like OMG what up dude. hes like hey wana hang with us in our hotel room u gusy are preety cool we got 5 free passes for u guys to chill with us and just kick back with the band and the staff and other guys. So we were like star stuck and of course we went.

We got up there and it was amazing we played jenga with the band lol and hung out with some girls who thought we were celebrities. =D which we kinda were at the end of the convention because we were affilated with the band and we were known by everyoen at the Con bc we were seen on stage with them and just hangin out with them. so the hotel was complainin about the noise and the body guard said anyone whos not staff(us) has to go so as we left . the elevator opened behind us and it was the guys they went to the HUGE rave party with us and we had a hell of a time. we got filmed by staff dancing and doin crazy stuff we even got on stage at the rave party. MC CHRIS WAS THERE ALSO AND WE Got a change to tlak to him. CON KITTY WAS THERE TO!!!!(HOT AS EVER)

we started break dancing nad stuff and got all the attention we were seriously the life of the party. We ran into louden in the crown and chilled with him HE IS AWESOME I SWEAR COOLEST GUY I EVER MET.

the rave party ended at 3 AM and we went out and talked to MC chris and the band then we went to bed. we got up and went back.

Sunday was a chill day or IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE =D you wont belive who i met il explain that in a few. we just walked around the dealership i bought a kh sora necklace replica and some gloves and a Sora wallot (cose me 30 bucks) really cool wallot. and some Pocky. around 2 my freind steve called me and said come to the Main event room so i went in there and JONNY YOUNG BOSH WAS THERE. shoing his new movie. for those of you who do not know who that is he is the voice over for Ichigo from bleach. Nero from Devil may cry 4 and Vash the stampede from Hellsing. he was awesome and his movie is SO COOL. he can FIGHT LIKE REALLY GOOD hes jackie chan calibur. so he joked around and stuff and after his movie he said il sign things and chill for a while. i got in line and he signed my KH wallot and i took a picture. he even did me a huge favor. i have a ringtone of him talking like ichigo and saying (BANKAI!!) SO after all that i met some girls and got numbers LOL what man she looked like ashe from FF12 and a girl that was axel from KH. lol so all in all im back and that was my trip i just wanted to share with u guys.

Your welcoem to ask whatever u want bc im happy to answer.