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Thread: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Tbaism View Post
    75. Series: ??? Named After: life's crossroads

    Human Crossing - That's my guess
    That is correct, the last of my questions has biten the big one now. I thought it was going to hang on to the bitter end too. gren's question the final one to be answered stands tall above all the others.

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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Tbaism View Post
    75. Series: ??? Named After: life's crossroads

    Human Crossing - That's my guess
    ahhh...who can show some introduction about this series...I don`t even know the name of it...T T

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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    11 Series: ??? Named After: A time-traveller with the ability to transform into a powerful fighter.

    Generator Gawl,Last hint helped Allot,just never seen it if i remember right.

    and that damn number 16.... i would have never thought of that due to i only seen one episode of Heat guy j and that was a while back.
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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    Grumble Grumble Grumble
    The QUIZ!!! Updated Listings... All answers are COMPLETE!!!

    Subject: Anime Series/Movies named after Persons (and Groups), Places or Things. Given the description of what the Anime Movie/Series is named after, Name that Anime. (All questions are limited to series and movies that are either Region 1 licensed, or have seen an official Region 1 release) And if its of any help, there are no duplicate answers in this quiz. A given Series/Movie will only be referenced once.

    1. Series: Steel Angel Kurumi
    Named After: A guardian maiden, born with a 'improved' heart of an angel.

    2. Movie: Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime)
    Named After: A girl whose "mother" is a wolf god.

    3. Series: The Melancholy of Harhuhi Suzumiya
    Named After: a high school girl who seeks excitement in this dull life.

    4. Series: RahXephon
    Named After: the Winged God destined to 'Tune' the world.

    5. Series: Samurai 7
    Named After: The "7" heroes who nobly defend a village.

    6. Series: Jubei Chan
    Named After: the middle school girl who is the spiritual reincarnation of a ancient legendary sword master.

    7. Series: Kurau: Phantom Memory
    Named After: the girl who calls upon mysterious powers after watching her father's experiments in Rynax energies.

    8. Series: Full Metal Alchemist
    Named After: The nickname of the main male lead who is seeking a way to restore something he has lost when he tried to bring his mother back to life.

    9. Series: Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate
    Named After: The family name of the "owner" of the main character of the series. This is also the name of their organization.

    10. Series: Le Chevalier D'Eon
    Named After: The cross dressing lead actor who is trying to find the killer of his sister while protecting the interests of his country

    11. Series: Generator Gawl
    Named After: A time-traveller with the ability to transform into a powerful fighter.

    12. Series: The Vision Of Escaflowne
    Named After: A suit of armor that was created by a tribe who could turn into dragons.

    13. Series: Naruto
    Named After: a ninja boy who's name is a pun on a common ramen garnish.

    14. Series: Astro Boy
    Named After: the original anime superhero...

    15. Series: Cowboy Bebop
    Named After: A "nickname" for the profession of the crew plus the name of the converted fishing ship they travel through space in.

    16. Series: Heat Guy J
    Named After: The main characters Police Machine assistant.

    17. Series: Noir
    Named After: the name of an ancient fate, two maidens that govern death.

    18. Series: Tenchi Muyo
    Named After: a shrine boy, also a pun on the Kanji used to indicate 'This side up' on shipping crates and packages.

    19. Series: Crying Freeman
    Named after: The code name of a dragon tattoo covered assassin, that shows this emotion after every kill.

    20. Series: One Piece
    Named After: the treasure of Gold Rogers.

    21. Series: Black Lagoon
    Named After: This modern day pirate show is named after the PT boat the pirates operate. Consequently the name of the pirates group also contains part of the series title’s name.

    22. Series. Ai Yori Aoshi
    Named After: a quote from the Chinese philosopher Xun Zi

    23. Series: Mushishi
    Named After: the "title" of a master of creatures, which are neither good nor evil but are life in it's purest form, and assist those who are afflicted by them.

    24. Series: Gunbuster (Top wo Nerae)
    Named After: A combination of the title of a classic tennis anime and the 1986 film Top Gun.

    25. Series: GetBackers
    Named After: the professional name for a pair of recovery specialists.

    26. Series: Boggiepop Phantom
    Named After: A whistling specter born of an electromagnetic field.

    27: Series: Angelic Layer
    Named After: The "divine" game played on a holographic playing field, with thought controlled "fighters".

    28. Series: Dirty Pair
    Named After: the nickname for a pair of consultants with reputation for large amounts of collateral damage.

    29: Series: Gunsmith Cats
    Named After: A firearm store in Chicago.

    30: Series: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
    Named After: the magical alias of the only daughter of the Kawaii family.

    31. Series: Armitage III
    Named After: A cute but tough android cop, who could lose her life if she doesn't solve the case.

    32. Movie: Project A-ko
    Named After: A reference to a Jackie Chan Movie.

    33. Series: Nadia, Secret of Blue Water
    Named After: a African Princess with a blue pendent

    34. Series: L/R Licensed by Royalty
    Named after:The two main secret agents in the show. or The "ID" of who hires the agents for these jobs.)

    35. Series: Pretear
    Named After: the title of the main character in this Anime remake of 'Snow White'.

    36. Series: Neo Ranga
    Named After: A protective God of a fictional island.

    37. Series: Lupin the 3rd
    Named After: A nimble-fingered master of disguise, who keeps one eye on the target and the other on the ladies.

    38. Series: Beck
    Named After: a musician's dog.

    39. Series: Hamtaro
    Named After: The furry/fuzzy pet of Laura Haruna

    40. Series: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai)
    Named After: a retail district in Osaka

    41. Series: Key The Metal Idol
    Named After: an android girl seeking 30,000 friends.

    42. Series: Last Exile
    Named after: a ship of mystery that trolls the Grand stream.

    43. Series: Maison Ikkoku
    Named After: a boarding house, where the characters live or a term meaning house of the moment.

    44. Series: Serial Experiment Lain
    Named After: the god of 'The Wired'

    45. Series: Speed Racer
    Named After: the operator of the 'Mach 5'

    46. Series: Gilgamesh
    Named After: A king that was two-thirds god and one-third human.

    47. Series: The Devil Lady
    Named After: The hellish alter-ego of a timid, frightened woman.

    48. Series: Medabots (Medarotto)
    Named After: The name of the fighting robots in the anime, these robots are powered by things called Medals. Some Medals are special and are referred to as 'Rare' Medals which gives the bots there own personality.

    49. Series: Saber Marionette (J, J Again, J to X)
    Named After: A class of Androids equipped with the 'Maiden Circuit'

    50. Series: Ping Pong Club
    Named After: a boys "table tennis" club.

    51. Series: Excel Saga
    Named After: the adventures of a girl just out of high school as she takes her first fledgling steps on the path towards world domination.

    52. Series: Vampire Princess MiyuNamed After: A golden-eyed girl who lets her "victims" live forever in their favorite dream.

    53. Series: Infinite Ryvius
    Named After: the spaceship that's the setting for this SciFi remake of 'The Lord of the Flies'

    54. Series: Cromartie High School
    Named After: A school for delinquents

    55. Series: Mahoromatic
    Named After: a battle android turned maid.

    56. Series: Karin
    Named After: A day walking vampire, that makes her own blood.

    57. Series: Shadow Skill
    Named After:The main characters nickname, and her martial arts fighting (Her title{not her nickname} means "high warrior", and she is not the only one with this title.)

    58. Series: Riding Bean
    Named After: a bandit and his red getaway car

    59. Series: Stellvia
    Named After: the space station that is home to earth's last defence and launching point for the great mission

    60. Series: Ex driver
    Named After: a small group of people driving Non-AI car's, tasked with stopping out of control AI cars

    61. Series: Dominion Tank Police
    Named After: armored cops patrolling the polluted streets of Newport

    62. Series: Macross
    Named After: the salvaged alien wreak of a Supervision Army Gun Destroyer

    63. Series: Outlaw Star
    Named After: a red Grappler ship

    64. Series: Space Battleship Yamato
    Named After: a salvaged WWII sunken hulk

    65. Series: Death Note
    Named After: a shinigami's note book

    66. Series: Inuyasha
    Named After: a half dog demon

    67. Series: Pocket Monsters
    Named After: a class of creatures described in the Pokedex

    68. Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
    Named After: The King of Games

    69. Series: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
    Named After: the layed back captain of a old space ship named after a "gentle breeze"

    70. Movie: Porco Rosso (Kurenai Buta)
    Named After: the high flying bounty hunter who patrols the Adriatic in his Rosso seaplane

    71. Series: Betterman
    Named After: a class of beings that snack on Animus seeds.

    72. Series: Aquarian Age
    Named After: A period of time when when one of five supernatural groups will win a war over the control of mankind.

    73. Series: Dokkoida!?
    Named after:The Ultra Diaper Man

    74. Series: E's Otherwise
    Named after: psychic metahumans "otherwise" know as...

    75. Series: Human Crossing
    Named After: life's crossroads

    76. Series: Demon Lord Dante
    Named After: A demon who was sealed in ice by god for 2000 years.

    77. Series: Genshiken
    Named After: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture.

    78. Series: Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
    Named After: A former juvenile delinquent turned "Great" high school teacher.

    79. Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
    Named After: a school assignment about ghost.

    80. Series: Blue Seed
    Named After: "Blue" magatamas

    81. Series: Shakugan no Shana
    Named After: The main character and her blazing eyes.

    82. Series: Texhnolyze
    Named After: Cybernetic ............ technology which is usually reserved for the elite.

    83. Series: Kaze no Yojimbo
    Named After: The bodyguard of the wind.

    84. Series: Koi Kaze
    Named After: being tied by someone's love for another.

    85. Movie: Spriggan
    Named After: The ARCAM Private Army elite secret agents.

    86. Movie: Howl's Moving Castle
    Named After: A Wizard's mobile home

    87. Series: Big O
    Named After: A Megadeus

    88. Series: Card Captor Sakura
    Named After: the collector of the Clow Cards

    89. Series: Chobits
    Named After: A class of persocoms

    90. Series: Angel Links
    Named After: the Mercenary warship of the Links group

    91. Series: Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor Leo)
    Named After: an orphan lion cub

    92. Series: Sailor Moon
    Named After: the leader of the Sailor Senshi

    93. Series: Magical Knight Rayearth
    Named After: one of the legendary magical knights summoned to save the world of Cephio

    94. Series: Rurouni Kenshin
    Named After: the former Battousai

    95. Series: Hand Maid May
    Named After: a Cyberdyne Corp Cyberdoll

    96. Series: Gasaraki
    Named After: the ultimate goal for the Gowa family, brought about by the Gasara Dance

    97. Series: Submarine 707R
    Named After: the Japanese entry to the UN lead Peace Keeping Navy

    98. Series: Area 88
    Named After: A patch of desert and airforce base, where pilots are contracted, and paid based on how well their missions went.

    99. Series: Magic User's Club (Mahou Tsukai Tai)
    Named After: A High School club for spell casters.

    100. Series: Sasami (Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club)
    Named After: the founding member of the Magical Girl's Club

    Now that wasn't so hard, now was it???

    And so ends the 2nd Anime Trivia Quiz quest for answers. For Clan participants, what did you think of the difficulty of the Quiz. Too easy? Too Hard?? Too long??? This discussion thread is now officially switching to feedback mode...
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    i enjoyed this lil romp. i was surprised the first time i read through the list at how many i knew...and as well at how many i should have known was it not for the creative wording.

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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    Wow it's finished~!

    quite surprised at the amount that i knew and didn't know
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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    yay ... it's ended (i'm not a clan member i hope you don't mind if i answered) i wonder how many i answered ... and there was ton of them that i knew and didn't post ... especially i was pissed of because of Yu Yu Hakusho ...i swear i wanted to write it but when you mentioned the hint ... i didn't ... i mean i never thought that Yu Yu Hakusho would mean Ghost Files ... i was so frustrated ... -_- lol anyway ^_^ ... this was great indeed .. so much challenge in only one contest ... thanx everyone and special thanx to who did it an managed it ....
    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble
    The QUIZ!!! Updated Listings... All answers are COMPLETE!!!

    And so ends the 2nd Anime Trivia Quiz quest for answers. For Clan participants, what did you think of the difficulty of the Quiz. Too easy? Too Hard?? Too long??? This discussion thread is now officially switching to feedback mode...
    Umm ,i'm not a clan member but i will answer since i didn't ,the quiz wasn't easy ,yes it was hard and in some places i found it impossible to solve (especially the ones names built on japanese words) ,its length is good enough for a quiz ... a bit long but that's why it's called a quiz .... the questions were good because they combine between new and old animes of all years ....
    Last edited by LichGRIFFIN; Oct 29, 2007 at 09:37 PM. Reason: Adding more detailed opinion ...
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    Re: Name that Anime: Trivia Quiz 2

    hhhmmmm this is a nicly set up quiz you got me stumped good lol well a serious after a cross word it odly reminds me of card captures
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