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Thread: Negima!!!

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    Re: Negima!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Toker View Post
    Does anybody know when tha 2nd season is coming out?
    ~! Please do not revive threads that have been inactive for more than 2 weeks! But to answer your question, according to the news presented on the tv-tokyo [terebi tokyo] website... The Negima!? has began to be broadcasted on television across Japan on: 2006, October 4!

    Here's the link with the news: Negima!?



    Negima!? (series) broadcasting starts on: 2006, October 4.


    P.S.0. I have never seen this series, so I take it that Negima!?, not Negima!, is actually the season 2, not a remake. @_@

    P.S.1. And, you are welcome to make a new thread of this, since this is now locked!

    Quote Originally Posted by fireandice View Post
    Do you consider cheating to be holding hands, kissing, Etc.
    Yes and absolutely. No exceptions whatsoever! That's how I am.

    ~!! If I happen to witness such a thing, the girl whom I fully adored and undoubtedly considered as my significant other, cheating on me, I would fall to ground, crestfallen, very seriously. Hence I am very careful to whom I capitulate my sacred love. Still, things like that can happen, I guess. People tell me, especially my literature teacher, that when it comes to romance, I am a real gone, so I do not see why anyone would look for love somewhere else and cheat on me. V.V;; But say if that were to happen, I would first go like: Wow, that's chimerical ~ For a while, I will introspect about the whole situation, and will likely enter a deep state of utter cerebration. Then a dearth of evil will take over me, making me wear a diaphanous robe, and I will probably become a hedonist or get chained in the house of perverted old ladies... While they rave and rant, all figuring out ways to mischievously lambaste me, I will commiserate with my loneliness.

    That's all an euphemism for, "I will rot and disintegrate into thousand freaking streams of, ahhhh, okay, lovely streams of tears."

    Or I will murder her.

    Seriously though, I don't think anyone would cheat on an sweet credulous person like me. [IMG]
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