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Thread: new anime site

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    Thumbs up new anime site

    hello fellow AO mebers there is a new anime site that is right now below the radar. if you want to help it get started please become a member just fallow the link below

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    Re: new anime site

    Cool...I'll give it a look. Might be just as good if not better than AO.
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    Re: new anime site

    This is dark1angel speaking in the behalf of thefallenangel just trying to say that this website is up and running and is recruiting new members that are interested because it may be a backup for the website of pure anime which will be helpful in the future if desired so please do not hesitate into becoming a member it is widely spread into any kind of destination that you are looking for. Well anyways this website is created and founded by dark1angel myself and i am looking for decent members that are willing to commit on any standerized anime website just as other sites well like thefallenangel said herself helping me get new people online there is no need of concerns just let me know of any serious questions you may have for me and i will gladly answer them if possible depending on the question. well have fun and enjoy yourself here is the link once again. : (content removed by Mega)
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    Re: new anime site

    I'm gonna have to close this thread. I'm sorry guys, but making a thread advertising another message board here isn't exactly cool.

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