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Thread: news on next anime convention in texas

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    news on next anime convention in texas

    Anime Matsuri is coming!!
    time to preregister is running out to register go to Anime Matsuri
    it is from april 27-29 held at the double tree hilton in Houston Texas
    Specail guest, Fizz, the vioce of optomise prime from the transformer movie Peter Cullen
    there will be a cosplay runway contest and the international arcade figher chapionship.
    Hope to see many of you there

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    Re: news on next anime convention in texas

    Why is this in the introductions forum? Moving....

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    sorry i didnt mean to put it in here just trying to inform the people of the next con


    Peter Cullen

    Peter Cullen has provided vocals for the inhuman alien Predator in the Predator films, the voice of Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh and the voice of K.A.R.R in Knight Rider. However, he is best known for voicing the heroic Autobot leader Optimus Prime in the animated Transformers series and upcoming Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay.

    Though it was originally intended for his character to remain dead after being killed in the 1986 Transformers film, the death caused such a public backlash that the surprised producers brought the character back in two separate episodes of the third season (ultimately saving the world in the second appearance).


    After the huge success of thier theme song "Chain" for the popular anime Air Gear, Back-On is performing for the first time in the United States at Anime Matsuri. The busy band is working on numerous projects and are excited to bring thier music and electrifying live performance to Anime Matsuri's Main Event.
    Please check out thier website at BACK-ON official web site for more info on this fantastic band!


    From Tokyo to Houston, Fizz’s debut in North America will have everyone screaming as they prepare to rock the con with their new songs! The girls are kicking off the concert with a special performance created just for the Anime Matsuri attendees. Don’t forget to participate in the Rock The Con contest to have your favorite anime song performed live at the Main Event. Ami, the lead vocalist says one of the reasons the rock group is excited to be part of Anime Matsuri is “rock music and anime is the greatest combination!” They will also be judging the Runaway Cosplay Contest with the PZ girls.

    Yaya Han

    Over the past 7 years, Yaya has made a name for herself in the world of cosplay and costuming. After discovering cosplay at her first con, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day she has made over 60 costumes, with more to come! Her intricate and lavish creations have won awards and acclaim nationwide; she has taught a multitude of panels on costume craftsmanship, presentation, makeup, wigs and more; she has traveled to conventions within and outside of the USA as guest and costume contest judge. Yaya is very excited about coming to Anime Matsuri and would like to share her knowledge and experience in the fields of cosplay and costume design with everyone! For more information, visit Welcome to, the Online Portfolio of Cosplay Model, Costume Designer and Entertainer Yaya


    Jennie Klesman; more commonly known as RikkuX is a US cosplayer as well as Anime Matsuri’s very own spokesperson. Spawning from Chicago, “Rikku” is in her fourth year of cosplay. She’s competed for craftsmanship and skits in conventions around the country. When asked why she chose the cosplaying alias ‘RikkuX’ she told us, “Rikku of Final Fantasy X and X-2 was my first couple costumes and my favorite character from that entire series. The X was just typed in when registering on and because there are so many Rikkus already out there, I had to put something to be different…and so I could get on the site.”She will be running the Anime Dating Game panel and you can also see her in action as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Zero with Zero Gravity at Anime Matsuri's Main Event! Tenshi Cosplay


    Danny is a US cosplayer, actor, professional special effects makeup artist, and head of Outland Armour LLC, his Georgia based fabrication company providing custom armour, costumes, accessories, and prop weapons on commission. He has won numerous awards at conventions across the east coast in his five years of cosplay. He also has taught classes in metalworking, woodcarving, and leatherworking (to name a few) for several years, and is very eager to share his technical and acting experience at Anime Matsuri!.

    Space Invader

    Space Invader is an award-winning cosplayer who has been attending conventions since 2001, and cosplaying since 2002. She is known in the cosplay community mainly for her intricate detail work and wig styling. She currently is attending the University of Texas at Austin, and is pursuing a degree in Theatre & Dance - Costume Design & Technology, and has also has taken numerous sewing, patternmaking, and design classes. Space feels like she has a lot of information and techniques to share with other cosplayers, and is excited to have the opportunity to do so!

    Matt Greenfield

    As the co-founder, Vice President and Senior Producer for ADV Films, the largest producer and distributor of anime in North America, Matt Greenfield is easily one of the busiest men in anime today. A prolific producer, writer and director, he has helmed the English language versions of over four hundred and fifty programs for ADV, including such modern classics as CHRONO CRUSADE, NOIR, EXCEL SAGA, PRINCESS NINE, BATTLE ANGEL, GANTZ, RAHXEPHON, NADESICO, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040, GUNSMITH CATS, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, GAMERA and SPRIGGAN. Among his many current and upcoming projects are GODANNAR, MACROSS, THE FUCCONS and contributing to the production of the live action EVANGELION feature film.

    Hilary Haag

    Hilary began her career voice acting for ADV films as the role of Nene in Bubblegum Crisis 2040. Some of her favorite roles since 2040 have been Satsuki in Ghost Stories, Sister Rozette Christopher in Chrono Crusade, Ryo in Princess Nine, Milk in Super Milk Chan, and Anna in GoDannar. The anime world seems to recognize Hilary for a few other roles such as Menchi in Excel Saga, Karinka in Steel Angel Karumi, Tessa in Full Metal Panic, Lerin in Saiyuki, Megumi in RaXephon, Chloe in Noir, Riku in DNAngel, and May in Kaleido Star. There are many more roles that Hilary has had the pleasure of working on at ADV, and recently, she had a great time working on Trinity Blood for Funimation. Hilary is looking forward to some fantastic roles in PaniPoni Dash, Sergeant Frog, Air Gear, and Best Student Council! When not working, Hilary is fishing…who knew?

    Jessica Boone

    Jessica Boone is a very talented voice actress and has appeared in numerous anime features. An ADV veteran who has lent her voice to such characters as Atsuko Akanegi from Diamond Daydreams, Azmaria Hendric from Chrono Crusade, Yuna from Maburaho, Arumi from Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Ena from Gravion and Gravion Zwei, Mio Hio from DN Angel, Mizuki from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Mitsuki from Puni Puni Poemi, Yoshimi from Nuku Nuku, Kiri from Divergence Eve, Misaki in Angelic Layer, Rue/Krahe from Princess Tutu and of course one of my favortite roles - Chiyo Mihama (Chiyo-chan) from Azumanga Diaoh! Please make our lovely and adorable chiyo feel at home here, won't you!

    Chris Ayres

    Chris started as a performer working professionally on stage and television at the age of six. As an actor he has worked with both National and Regional Touring Broadway companies as well as many professional regional theaters. In 1991 he made a semi career shift and started working professionally as a Director, Choreographer and Fight Director in Houston Texas. Only performing occasionally, Chris was delighted to get picked up with A.D.V. Films just under two years ago. He has had an amazing time as Kei Kurono in Gantz, which is one of his favorite roles. Other roles include Yamanami in Peacemaker, Nakamaru in Maburaho, Hayashimizu in Full Metal Panic, Sawdust in A Tree of Palme, and Murato in Moby Dick. Some of the other shows he's provided voice work for include Kino's Journey, Mezzo, E's Otherwise, Cromartie High School, Hello Kitty, and Madlax. Chris is now directing for ADV Films. His first project is Nerima Daikon Brothers, and anime musical from the mind that brought you Excel Saga!

    John Swasey

    Since landing his first role with AD Vision in 1997, John has gone on to voice numerous shows and characters. Not really the leading man type has actually given John the freedom to voice everything from Vulcan in Orphen to Ken in Kaleido Star. Other favorite roles include Ban Bunnings in Aura Battler Dunbine as well as lead roles in the live action films 2009 Lost Memories, Conduct Zero, Yesterday, and the soon to be released Jungle Juice.

    In 2004, John jumped to the other side of the “mic” to direct. His first effort was Wandaba Style. This followed with St. Seiya and Shinobi (live action). Both at home in front of and behind the mic, John loves working in the world of anime and with ADV Films! In addition to anime, John has voiced thousands of radio and TV commercials, not to mention some film work such as RAY and DAZED AND CONSUED. There are too many folks to thank for all the success John has realized, so he will just thank two: mom and dad!

    Chris Patton

    Chris Patton is a voice actor for Funimation Entertainment and ADV Films. His credits include "Greed" in Fullmetal Alchemist, "Naozumi" in Kodocha", "Sousuke Sagara" in Full Metal Panic! and Fumoffu, "Sasame" in Pretear, "Ayato" in RahXephon, "Hajime" in Ghost Stories, "Fakir" in Princess Tutu, "Rei Otohata" in Super Gals, and "Max Jenius" in Macross. Chris has also had principal roles in Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Case Closed, Saint Seiya, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Nuku Nuku Dash, Peacemaker Kurogane, Saiyuki, Hello Kitty's Animation Theater, Nanaka 6/17, Gravion and Gravion Zwei ( in which he both played the lead character and acted as part-time writer ), and probably his most notorious role ever, "Nishi" in the ultra-violent Gantz, for which he also acted as part-time writer. His most recent roles include the lead in the all new Guyver and Air Gear.

    Kyle Jones

    Kyle is an ADR Director/Producer/Writer at ADV Films and The Anime Network in Houston, Texas. Some of his titles include Papuwa, Madlax, Kino’s Journey, Saint Seiya, Diamond Daydreams, Kaleidostar (pilot episode), Samurai Gun and Nadesico: Prince of Darkness. Kyle also has his name on several live-action features as well; including Dark Water, Guns & Talks, Conduct Zero, the Shinobi series, and of course, Gamera - Attack of Legion and Gamera - Revenge of Iris.

    Kyle is also very fond of lending his efforts to the “Special Features” section of the DVD format. He is responsible for the “Conversations with SSS” extra on Madlax as well as the sock-puppet-theatre easter egg. He also included a “Literal Translation Dub” throughout the Shinobi series. Also, Kyle interviewed Gamera himself for a commentary on Gamera - Revenge of Iris. And, there is always the infamous “Lake Texarkana Gamera” found on Gamera - Attack of Legion.

    Kyle was born in Dallas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Before making the switch to anime, he worked as an advertising copywriter for 10 years in both New York and Texas.

    Kaminari Taiko Ensemble

    Kaminari Taiko was founded in 1996 by Jay Mochizuki along with a number of talented musicians from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. The members diligently trained under world acclaimed Taiko Masters such as: Daihachi Oguchi, Seiichi Tanaka, Kenny Endo and Takemasa Ishikura to learn the fundamental skills, philosophy and the spirit of centuries old Japanese tradition.

    Technical skills were refined through eight years of experience by collaborating with world renowned taiko groups: San Francisco Taiko Dojo and Wadaiko Matsruriza of Disney World Epcot Center, toured to over 20 major cites and performed at over one hundred concerts to live audiences exceeding 150,000 and developed into a prominent performing taiko group.

    Zero Gravity Stunts

    ZeroGravity is a martial arts action team based in the California Bay Area and Los Angeles, founded by Tony Chu, Kerry Wong and Greg Wong in 1998. The team specializes in stunt falls, fight choreography, acrobatics and action directing. ZG's experience includes live performances, motion-capture work, television shows, independent & feature films. Our active members also produce in-house action films to further develop and perfect their skills. ZeroGravity emulates Asian style action and strives for innovation in action entertainment.
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