Broadcasting next spring is a TV anime adaptation of author Kazuki Nakashima's (Gurren-Lagann) novel Oh! Edo Rocket. The story is described as a super spectacle fantasy centering on a young pyrotechnician and his mysterious daughter who seek to build a huge firework that can shoot high into space. It was turned into a theatrical play presented in Osaka and Tokyo in August, 2001. Featuring a star studded cast (and no less than 6 famous character designers) confirmed production crew include Full Metal Alchemist Director Seiji Mizushima, Series Composition by Nobor Kaikawa (Kimagure Orange Road), Main Character Design by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Jubei-chan), Additional Character Design: by Minamoto Taro (Natsume No Me), Takashi Shiina (Ghost Sweeper Mikami), and Yasuhiro Naito (Trigun), Abekawa Kineko and Takizawa Noboru. Animation production by studio Madhouse.
Anime News Service - October 2-9 Anime News

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Sounds fresh, but the character design really, really got my attention.
I wonder if the part about Full Metal Alchemist's director, is going to be a factor in how big or good this will be.