Ok, Just putting the word out about Otafest, an anime convention celebrating its 10th Aniversery. Its in Calgary Alberta at the University of Calgary on May 16th to the 18th.

I'm going to be there on the 17th only, so if there is anyone in Calgary, or in the Surrounding Area (Red Deer, Edmonton, Lethbridge being the largest city centers with in 2-5 hours drive), and want to meet up, send me a PM before Saturday, i'll see what we can do. If you can't be there on saturday, but still want to meet up with other Animeonline members, feel free to set something up amongst yourselves.

Special Guests include:
  • Applegeeks - Mohammad “Hawk” Haque, and Ananth Panagariya
  • The 404s - An Improv Comedy Group
  • Dave Rathnow & Shin Ken Kai Nobara - Traditional Japanese Sword Dancing
  • Midnight Taiko - Traditional Japanese Drumming.
  • Dr. Antonia Levi - A Japanese Popular Culture professor
  • Jonathan Love & Voice Spot WCS - Jonathan Love (Voice actor from Banner of the Stars, Betterman, Ceres Celestial Legend, Flame of Recca, Jubei-chan, Saber Marionette J to X, and Dragon Ball, was voice director for Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars Clone Wars video game), who will also be doing a voice actor workshop.
Admission Prices:

Children 5 and Under: Free

Children 6-12 Yrs: $10

General Admission: $20

-$1 w/ Non-perishable food item
-$1 DOA Membership (University of Calgary student)

More Information can be found here