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Thread: Otogi Zoshi

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    Otogi Zoshi

    Has any one seen Otogi Zoshi? I watched the trailer and read the reviews on ANN but am not sure if it will be worth the buy? Any ideas on the show?

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    Re: Otogi Zoshi

    it's an okay show
    just a little weird though
    the first half of the series is set in Heian-Era Japan while the second half is set in modern Japan and features reincarnations of the main characters from the first half
    it's weird and the second half isn't as good as the first one
    the first is just filled with adventure and samurai and is just great
    while the second half is more about mystery and about old folklore
    in the end of it all, it's about reincarnation, yin and yang, and a bunch of other things that I forget... (haven't seen it in a while)
    the animation's nice
    Production I.G always does a good job, though their only "flaw" is that the characters don't have much emotion compared to other companies like BONES
    you can actually feel for the characters in BONES anime like Wolf's Rain and FmA
    Production I.G on the other hand, well... yeah...
    the music's good though
    the intro, "ZEN", is done by ATTACK HAUS
    here's the opening; check it out... [ ]

    nonetheless, it's all good
    it's a decent anime
    though the transition between the two parts isn't that great...
    but it's decent
    I guess I'd rate it a 7 out of 10
    but it could've been better...
    I love my girlfriend.

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    Re: Otogi Zoshi

    What timing. Just got it today. Looks great and it better be, considering it's from Production IG.

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