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Thread: Overrated (Anime) psychopaths

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    Overrated (Anime) psychopaths

    To the anime lovers. we are going to have a little survey.
    Whether u just started out watching anime or you're into it for a long while, you will know that there are three types of people who mostly portray as the main characters. It's simple u know;

    The good, The bad, and The indifferent.
    They're the guys who do good and fight for humanity and yes "save the world"
    Then they're the guys who do the opposite, they want to destroy humanity... and the world.
    The indifferent guys make people think that they do good but really they just do it for theif personal wishes. they act all bad-ass and have the fan girls crazy.
    Yes we know it all so this summary is just

    But there are those guys who do fit into category but at the same time enters a whole new different one.
    this is where the survey comes in anime lovers.
    For these guys the word bad is clearly a huge understatement. They want to do something before they wipe out humanity. they want u to know how evil they really are. We call them overrated psychopaths.
    Overrated because they are soo sick they send shivers up your spine.
    So we want to know, Who do u think is an overrated psychopath in any of the anime u watched and why. If there is more than one fine, The more characters the merrier?

    My answer is Garra on Naruto and Marik on Yu Gi Oh
    Garra because he says that he needs to remind himself why he's alive by taking another's life? In my book that's definately an overrated psychopath!
    And Marik because not only is his demon-possessed voice and the millenium symbol on his forehead, but his presence alone is freaky.

    So there are my choices. what's yours?

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    Re: Overrated psychpoaths

    well i havent been watching anime a long time but i think Iroshimaru from Naruto is kinda an overrated psychopath. i mean he wants to take over the leaf village...i think in his own sick and twisted ways lol

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    Re: Overrated (Anime) psychopaths

    I deplore the stock character of "twisted homosexual psychopath" in all his (and very ocaisionally her) incarnations. That a person having an attraction to someone of the same sex or overtly feminine characteristics is still a sign of mental illness or a broken mind never fails to annoy the crap out of me. I don't care how "redeemed" they are. If a villain starts kissing his victims or wearing feather boas for shock value, it's all over >_<

    see. Muraki (Yamimatsu), Nakago/Tomo (Fushigi Yuugi), Lord Cobb (Gedo Senki), Kuja (FFIX), Dilandu (Escaflowne), etc. etc.

    People who think the inclusion of gay characters means Japan is a society just brimming with happy, dancing in the flowers gay folks is sadly overlooking the context in which most of those gay characters appear ~_~;

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