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Thread: Please help!!!

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    Please help!!!

    ok im still new to this website and i dont want any trouble,i just need some help

    ok my boyfriends bday is coming up and i dont know what to get him.he wont tell me what he wants and im freakin out.i know he likes anime but i dont know what types.

    so mainly what im asking is :what animes do guys like?or what should i get him?

    but like i said before i dont want any trouble,just some help.

    i would really be greatful for your help

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    Re: Please help!!!

    hummm.... there is really a lot to choose from and we all could list our favs but personally I'd suggest you read some anime reviews and according to your bf's interests you choose the anime.
    Good luck ^_~
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: Please help!!!

    please keep personal topics such as this to a journal or blog.


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