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Thread: please help me find the name to this anime please!!!

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    please help me find the name to this anime please!!!

    there was an anime i use to watch as a kid and it could be as old as 10 years.

    I dont remember much but it was about a guy (who's family was abducted by aliens, he esacped) they all pilots a mech suit. There were two stages of this suit first stage i think it fits him well and is not much bigger than him.

    and in the second stage he jumps in the air and enters through the back of the second mech. So his suit effectively gets a bit bigger. he had to jump in trough the back cause his crystal was broken.

    there were crystal involved in this transformation.

    Its been a looong time since i saw this and with youtube and all these days i was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like it. Its really bugging me sometimes.

    If you can help thanx heaps.

    his family was all being controlled. and he fights them as they battle to take over earth
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    Re: please help me find the name to this anime please!!!

    The anime you're talking about is called Tekkaman Blade. It's also know as Teknoman in the West.

    Teknoman: Teknoman intro! - YouTube

    Tekkaman Blade: Tekkaman Blade 1st opening - YouTube

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