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I've read the first volume of the manga, and as far as i remember, in the manga, echizen can copy any tennis technique, and in the anime it doesn't really have too much about him copying except
at the end, when he beats tezuka using all his teammate's techniques
Also, my favorite song that they sing is the last ending song, i'm not sure y i like it so much, but i think it has something to do with the voices...
Yupz manga and Anime always has some parts that are not the same.. Manga tends to be more detailed~ And btw it's not the end yet cos there's still OVA~

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i been waching alot of prince of tennis on toonami but they keep on skiping some episodes so i just go to animeepisodes.net to wach all 178 episodes and alot more anmie. but it all the show are in japanes with subtitles but it is still good
Glad you watched the anime then you should watch the manga too cos some parts aren't the same~

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yeah i watch prince of tennis...and so far i like it alot! its interesting.....and i guess seeing a 7th grader beat the older kids at their own game is totally awsome^^
Yupz it's awesome how he uses his brain in every match to overcome the opponant's skill by coming up with his own technique wonder how much is Echizen's IQ hehehe

Anyway if you think Part one is nice then you should watch Part 2 as well The prince return: Nationals OVA hope you guys enjoy it~