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Thread: Project Lain (Serial Experiment Lain)

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    Question Project Lain (Serial Experiment Lain)

    Once upon a time, about 2 to 6 years ago, there was an anime series on Tech TV, now known as G4, called project Lain. It was about a girl and what happened to her after her friend commited suicide. Sad, sad, sad. But, that was all I got! I had no idea what was happening!! Jesus in the wires?? What was happening?!? Does anyone even remember it??
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    Re: Project Lain (Serial Experiment Lain)

    Lain still has a huge fanbase to be asking the question "does anyone even remember it"

    Yes I remeber Lain it's an amazing anime... It is by far one of the greatest forms of any media I have had contact with.

    The plot is beautiful and in it's own way (like most sci-fi) a believable look into a grim future we might build for ourselves.

    If I had any complaints at all it would be that it had moments where I wish they would have built their characters a bit more... Or just not included them at all.

    I think that it will stand the test of time, if only for a small crowd....

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