I almost completed my anime collection , including new and old anime from my childhood. Only one remain which I can't remember the name. I hope some of you can help me find out the real name of this anime/cartoon.

I will try to give you as much information as I have. Just keep in mind that I saw this like 10 maybe 12 years ago (I think I was like 13 or 14) and I don't have many exact facts like original names or producer. It's even possible that this is not Japanese at all. I saw it two times (English version/dub and Italian version/dub)

Here is what I remember:

-This story is set in the future (maybe like 500 years from now or so). Main character is young dude that works in some research company/laboratory (or maybe he is just student there I am not totally sure). He lives in very advanced city from future. (in Italian dub I think his name is Tristan but I am not 100% sure)

-I remember some sequences where there is about to rain in the city and like 20 seconds before the rain starts city CPU would announce the weather status to all passengers in the city. Than everyone would take out their "laser umbrellas". (it may sound funny to someone but its actually really cool to
watch) .

-Main character have some friends around him although story focuses more on him and what is going to happen. During his research he "discovers" (get sucked into more likely) this totally different world(dimension) .I think he passes out each time when he enters this" universe" (like a dreamland.)There he discovers people(creatures that live in that world, gnomes, not sure how to call it )that need laughter(humor, positive feelings) to survive (unlike humans and their physiological needs). Main character discovers that our world and their are connected (like parallel universe). They feed of laughter and humor of humans in real world. If there is little or no laughter at all, those creatures couldnt survive.

-Since story is set in the future world where people are even more obsessed with their work, money and prosperity there are more depressed people and less laughter overall . This directly affect that other universe and that's when creatures from other dimension try to come into real world and make chaos. I don't recall this part so much.

I know this is not so much information and its plenty to read. But if someone could help me to finish my collection I would be glad. Thanks in advance.