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Thread: Real Life Anime

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    Real Life Anime

    Working at a Japanese school, every few days or so I get the uncanny feeling that I've been sucked into a living comic book or cartoon. The situations I find myself and the people around me in seem like PERFECT pieces to create plots for manga or anime series'. And it isn't just school: in 26 years, I've had a lot of "stranger than fiction" moments... how about you?

    Take one or two episodes from your real life (or the lives of those around you) and create a one-paragraph summary of a spin-off anime series on the topic. Only one rule - you're not allowed to use ANY fiction. Every element of your story must be true.

    And no fanfiction epics please -- one paragraph DVD-case style summaries only!!

    Post your own and while you're at it mention if you would you watch shows based on the synopsis any of the others have posted.

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    Re: Real Life Anime

    naruto episode i dont know but i remember a scene in it here is how it whent:
    i was up one day it was morning and i drank some milk and at breakfast lator that day i did jump my freind(he had it coming he got me the day befor)and i tied him up and as my day when by i had a stomach problem making me have to go as it turned out the milk i had was bad which lator i realized there was a naruto episode just like this. so i had a naruto moment.
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