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Thread: Real life and anime life.

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    Re: Real life and anime life.

    I think that you can have both worlds as long as you keep it in perspective. You can get into your favorite anime for awhile kick back and relax. Then come back to the real world and do what needs to be done. I know our world is messed up but if we all run off to the anime world nothing here will change for the better. We all need to pitch in and help if we want our world to get better.

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    Re: Real life and anime life.

    uhm i would choose anime life..coz we'll look cooler i think and..well i always wanted my life to be like anime's..and if i would turm my life into anime..i think i would like anime like yuyu hakusho,bleach,kekkaishi or any cool stuffs..maybe ill be a anime hero..^^
    sometimes i wish i never existed

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    Re: Real life and anime life.

    Quote Originally Posted by yuridelura View Post
    Why im ask because my friend say that anime can get you off of really life.
    By i think that you can have both
    can you help me
    Thanx every one
    I can barely understand what you're getting at, due to grammar issues, but I think I know what you're getting at.

    Real life is cool, I don't have a problem with it. I wouldn't say that I'd prefer to live the life of an anime protaganist, but then again, I have had crazy dreams and conversations with my peers about life as an anime character.

    What if martial artists actually could focus enough chi to launch a fireball at someone? What if performing a series of hand signs actually summoned a beast of some sort or made you the most powerful ninja on the planet? I've even had dreams that I could fight like Terry Bogard, but I was the only one who had any type of anime/video game ablilities. (Imagine that! One Burn Knuckle to the face and it's over! LOL).

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