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Thread: Recommended Animes?

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    Recommended Animes?

    Being an Anime Fan, I am always welcome to watch new Anime series and see if I enjoy them! If I hear about one that sounds interesting, or is reccomended to me, I will probably watch it. Now, are there any shows that people can reccomend to me? Here are my favourite Anime:

    *Death Note
    *Fullmetal Alchemist
    *YuYu Hakusho
    *One Peice (Subs Obviously!)
    *Pokemon (1st Series)
    *Dragonball Z

    Now, here are shows I have considered watching, which people could give me their views on:

    *Ouran High Host Club (I think thats the name)

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    Re: Reccomended Animes?

    I remember watching zoids when toonami was still on the air, and I liked it a lot, also check out G Gundam, and if you have seen dragonball z, you should also watch dragonball if you havent already.
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    Re: Reccomended Animes?

    List and favorite threads, even in the guise of a "Recomend me an anime" thread are not permitted to be posted by those who are community member or higher.


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