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Thread: Robotech Novels

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    Re: Robotech Novels

    I can't really say I've seen any of the new macross series. Saw a few ads for it and considered watching them on watchanimeonline, but sadly with my schoolwork I have very little time for this. Barley enough to talk on animeonline.
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    Re: Robotech Novels

    the new macross is called...macross frontier.

    makes you wonder what will the next robotech story will be.

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    Re: Robotech Novels

    Wow has it been that long sense the last time I read and saw Robotech... Guess so. In any case I cant remember all the details that went on sense it was so long ago and really havent fallowed up on it sense. How ever I do remember enjoying the series very much, both the books and the show, which flowed with each other very well. I also know a bit of some backgroud info about Robotech all be it more like usless but never the less I find it kind of funny.
    The name of the series, Robotech, was actully taken from a very poppular wester mech series call Battletech. Battletech has been around at least a few years before Robotech. Both their stories are completely different, but the names of the two were so similar that people got confused between the two thus causing problems. When the creators of Battletech at the time asked the creators of Robotech to at least change their name to something else, which Battletech had to do when they were named Battledroids and were asked to change their name by George Lucas because of the "droid" aspect of copy write infringment. The creators of Robotech pretty much gave Battletech the fingure and told them where they could shove it. This was a very bad move by Robotech and also where it gets funny. After the insult from Robotech, those of Battletech decided and said to them selves "Two can play at this game" and took the LAM fighters from Robotech and spawned an LAM fighter of their own called the WASP and few other I cant remember. This infurriated the Robotech people and filed a lawsuet on Battletech for taking one of their mechs. So they sat at the table and had a little pow-wow. Where they found that both parties wrong in their actions. Robotech for taking the name and twisting it around slightly, and not willing to talk and find a compromise which is what Battletech wanted in the first place but were instead insulted. Battletech was wrong for taking Robotechs LAMs and twisting them around for their marketing. So in the end they dropped the case because of how childish it was, not to mention funny, and no one was sued.
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