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Thread: Robotech ?'s

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    Robotech ?'s

    I've been out of the loop since I've been coaching football and going to school, but I was wondering if anyone know's if their is going to be any new Robotech in the future, I know that the shadow chronicles was the newest addtion to the series in America and I was wondering if their are going to further that story with a full series or was it just a one time deal by Harmony?

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    Re: Robotech ?'s

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    A Sequel to 'Shadow Chronicles' was announced last year by Harmony Gold, but nothing has been said about it entering production, or a possible release date. Before 'Shadow Chronicles' came out, Harmony Gold had announced several other Robotech projects that never saw the light of day, so it remains to be seen if 'Shadow Rising' is real or just hot air...

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