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Thread: Romance Anime/Manga series Topic

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    Romance Anime/Manga series Topic

    Let's make a fresh topic to discuss the best of romance anime and manga. Which are your absolute favorite kinds and why? What types of romance series keep your interest?

    For me, I love romance series which show the couple dating and in a relationship during the series, showing them as boyfriend and girlfriend and a happy, in love, couple. I like fantasy/romance a lot as well.

    Sailor Moon

    I really liked Sailor Moon's fantasy/romance. 200 anime episodes, 18 manga volumes, the live action series. I have been a fan of this series since 1995, over 11 years and love how it develops the relationship so well in each version. It shows before they get together, when they get together, when they are dating and in a relationship and boyfriend and girlfriend, they they have been dating for years, when they get engaged, when they get married, when they have a child. There's secret identities, magic, fantasy, reincarnated, the future, lots of kissing and a magical romance with a marriage and a child.

    Fushigi Yuugi

    I also enjoyed Fushigi Yuugi's romance. The Fushigi Yugi manga has a really special romance that was much more developed than the anime. It showed the couple as boyfriend/girlfriend and in a relationship put to the test over and over, they are engaged to get married and face many obstacles and then the second half from the manga, after their first wedding, how they live during his new form, their touching, romantic sex scene that was so moving, the obstacles they faced and everything they went through. The manga develiops this much further.

    Marmalade Boy

    The relationship in Marmalade Boy was so realistic, it was just so real, something I could relate to and my boyfriend now, we had a similar relationship. The relationship is just so real and done so well and realistically.

    Bokura ga Ita

    Bokura ga Ita has a realistic story and that is why it is done so well, it takes such real emotions everyone has gone through in a relationship, showing how they ebcome boyfriend and girlfriend and the ups and downs and challenges in a relationship and all the emotions involved.


    The manga series Mars just had a touching, moving story, it was really emotional and moving and the characters were developed so well.

    Happy Hustle High

    This series was cute and one thing that especially stood out was that the couple and characters were just so likable and cute. They become boyfriend and girlfriend during the beginning of the series and are dating during the series and are a serious, devoted couple throughout the series.

    Ayashi no Ceres, Boys Over Flowers, Kodocha, Kare Kano, Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody, Kare First Love, Akuma De Sourou, Othello, Peach Girl are some runner ups. So, share some romance series you really enjoyed.

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    Re: Romance Anime/Manga series Topic

    I like Ayashi No Ceres, Sailor Moon, Boys Over Flowers(Hana Yori Dango) Mermaid Melody, and so much more!!!!
    I'm cute and fun...please don't hurt me!!!!

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    Re: Romance Anime/Manga series Topic

    For me, a tale of love unreturned is always enjoyable but sappy love pulls at my girly heart. Angsty love is also one of my favorite types of romance.

    Love Hina: It's just too cute, the way Naru denies her feelings for Keitaro until the very end is ridiculously lovable. But then Love Hina Again came along and ruined it.. The manga is far better than the anime, I think.

    Strawberry Panic: I really only like the anime for a few reasons. Yaya has to suffer through Hikari pinning after Amane, the kiss between them in episode 13 is unmissable. Also, I love the fact that Shizuma actually comes out and tells Nagisa she loves her.

    I've watched Marmalade Boy and it was okay at the beginning. It all went down the drawn when everyone started whining about how much being in loved sucked. When Miki and Yuu found themselves to be 'brother and sister' I nearly wet myself laughing. I was like, 'Ha! Whatcha goin' ta do now bitches!'
    Then they had to ruin my fun by finding out they aren't related.

    Others I liked but saw room for improvement are: Kannazuki no Miko; Saikano; Mobile Suit Gundam SEED*; ToHeart and Kasimasi (both the anime and the manga)

    *I cannot leave this be... Cagalli and Kira should have gotten together... DEATH to all things Lacus. Either that or Athrun pulling homo, c'mon.. you all know Kira and Athrun were 'special friends' before they started trying to kill each other and everyone they loved.. and if you don't know what a special friend is... ask your mom what a bed buddy is.. -cough-
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