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Thread: Rosario + Vampire

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    Rosario + Vampire

    I have ran across this anime quite a few times now & instead of going to wikipedia to look up what it is about I just thought I would come here to AO to ask all the ani-lovers here on AO to get the 411...

    I really don't know how long it has been out, but I think it is a new series or something, because it is only 6 episodes right now, so I am guessing it is still an ongoing anime...

    With that being said is there anyone who has been watching this anime or seen an episode or even heard about it..? If, so what do you think about it so far?

    How are the characters?

    Is the plot/storyline a good one so far?

    Just tell what you believe makes or breaks this show or anything you want to talk about that relates to this anime...

    Hopefully I will be able to give my thoughts on here soon because I think I am going to go ahead & watch the first episode 2nite & if it reels me in I might just stay up & watch all the way to episode 6... (Yea' it is one of those nights)

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    Re: Rosario + Vampire

    The comedy of the show is decent, but the plot is pretty non-existent so far as characters are still developing/being introduced. If it goes by the opening, then we should be seeing two more girls/monsters that all of the sudden fall for tskune (sp?) if it keeps up the way it's going. The one thing that sort of disappoints me is the lame battles. Mainly because they show a timer at the end of each episodes main fight like it's suppose to be funny that it was so short...which it's not.

    I look forward to watching it, but doubt it will become one of my favorites in the long run.

    I'm sure the guys will like the fanservice too.
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    Re: Rosario + Vampire

    It is a very new anime and is still coming out. I really like it. It's kinda a harlam comedy. The main characters are great so far. I have a feeling that they will all need to bond around the male lead to do something. But like I said it is very new, so I'm just guessing. The plot is that a human boy ends up getting into a school full of monsters. No humans are to know of this world and the monsters are there to learn how to be human. Comedy insues. Though, the boy's first friend is a very powerful vampire. But it is hidden by the cross on her chest, only he can remove it and release her hidden self. That's pretty much the jest of it, you can watch it from there and get what else is going on. But so far I'm really happy with it.

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    Re: Rosario + Vampire

    Its still one of those "too new to tell what its about" kind of plots. So far the ecchi has been entertaining. The comedy isn't the best but I have enjoyed it so far. The vampire transformation has a Sailor Moon feel to it. Every episode around the same time the rosario comes off and she spins around while some dude says what is happening. Its been done many times. That seems to be a problem with this anime. They repeat alot of the jokes and scenes.

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