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Thread: Scary anime

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    Re: Scary animes

    Scary can be defined with multiple meanings but for now i'm gonna talk about horror....

    I haven't seen any anime that scared me, or any anime that was scary in genre per se....I think horror or horror-ish themes don't mix well with anime, there are those that have tried tho but failed if ya ask me. Unrealistic animated visuals like anime aren't scare-inducing IMO no matter how eerie it is. It is possible to make a scare out of anime but i think only a few could pull it off.

    This is just me tho, we all have diff'rent "scare thresholds" after all....

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    Re: Scary animes

    I have one! "Ghost at School" - if I'm not mistaken. I watched that anime at the age of 10/11/12 around that age. Every episode has its own ghost(which scare me a lot). I was afraid of that anime(my sisters and cousins used to gather at night time and we watch the anime together- it amused me when I come to think of it) but I still want to know what happens next in the next episode. Seriously, I like this anime a lot!
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    Re: Scary animes

    Ah, I have to say that I haven't come across many "scary" animes. But, there was Elfen Lied, which is only the slightest bit scary. But, I'm one of the lucky people who hasn't seen or heard of a scary anime before! ^^

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    Re: Scary animes

    i hate scary animes or movies if i watch any scary movie i WILL NEVER SLEEP .....
    if i watch any scary movie or anime after few hours i began hearing sounds like someone talking to me or a little girl began to sing or feeling that someone stand behind me or feeling that someone looking at me with red eyes ( and all this of course at night ).....
    that is why i don't watch any scary movies or anything scary ..... ;^_^
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    Re: Scary animes

    well the one i found some what scarey if you will is akira that big blopish monster he turns into with alot of power and into a big pink blop cosuming his most loved people its both scarey,odd and gross all at the same time.
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    Re: Scary anime

    ghost hunt is pretty scary but not really you know? Like it has some scary eps but not all of them. There was another one that was pretty scary but I forgot the name of it. It had a story to it but sometimes you get lost.

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    Talking Re: Scary anime

    well i dont find hellsing to be scary, i can only think of a few scary animes. like dead space: fallen, jin-roh: wolf brigade, grantz, boogiepop phantom and claymore lol so try those

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    Re: Scary anime

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