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Thread: School Rumble

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    School Rumble

    So, I thought I would post about this cause I have seen a few eps and I have 2 of it's volumes of manga since that's all that came out so far... and I find it to be a great comedy... I do know they make fansubs of it cause, School Rumble is not out in America yet except for the manga....

    So, if any of you have never seen it or read the 2 volumes of manga, I think you should... It's really funny...

    All I can say is: Check this one out!!!

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    Re: School Rumble

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Actually, 'School Rumble' has recently been licensed by Funimation... (No release date has been announced yet...)
    The Official School Rumble Website from FUNimation Productions (Splash Page only)
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    Re: School Rumble

    Yea, school rumble is a pretty good show and a manga, I remember watching one ep. that shocked me to no end. ^-^

    Thanks lifeforce! (:

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