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Thread: side people

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    side people

    Hey in animes they have awhole alot of little side peoplez that are funny so who's ur fav side character and of what anime mine are

    1.Hellsing-Wolfie Heinkle

    2.Bleach- mr. hat n claws

    3. Inuyasha - iamay
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    Re: side people

    hey...it you again...and me posting in the thread...mine are...kakashi-naruto...wait i think he is one of the main character in the anime...ah..! whatever,but if that can't be excepted i go with shino-naruto...i like it's power...and i like gaara too,his sand technique so amazing...well is that enough to you...i got some other characters if you want to know...

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    Re: side people

    Of course master Roshi comes to mind. The whole cast from Ouran High School Boys Host Club are all funny.

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